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Alistair Conwell was born in India and lives in Australia. He has two psychology degrees.

In the early 1990s, Alistair spent three years travelling around the world including Britain, Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, Taiwan and the Indian sub-continent. While overseas, he visited and stayed at different types of spiritual communities, learnt various meditation techniques and deepened his understanding of spirituality, meditation, death and the nature of consciousness. His books and articles have been published internationally, and he has been interviewed by US and UK radio stations about his writings. His first book, ‘The Audible Life Stream: Ancient Secret of Dying While Living’, was published in 2010. His latest book is, ‘Soul Comfort: Uplifting insights into the nature of grief, death, consciousness and love for transformation’. He has been practicing meditation for over 25 years.

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How to Embrace Your Soul

We are inherently spiritual in nature and all connected at higher levels of consciousness. As spiritual beings, we operate on multiple levels of higher consciousness simultaneously, but our physical senses create the illusions of individuality and of only the physical universe existing. Because we are connected spiritually, in your interactions with others always keep in mind that superficial differences like skin color, race, religion and nationality are insignificant. When you acknowledge your deeper spiritual connections with others, your compassion and love for others and yourself will deepen. The reason we are connected to others spiritually is because consciousness is imbued…

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