With a career spanning two decades, Allison Blankenship is the go-to person for developing and implementing new ideas, strategies and start ups. After being both downsized and laid off, overcoming cancer and qualifying for food stamps, Allison has developed survival skills that have allowed her to adapt and thrive. She uses her vast experience as well as her award-winning communication skills to teach people how to perform under pressure. She has co-authored three books on leadership, productivity and communications, plus multiple audio series.

Allison's message of "The not-known is the new normal" is hitting a nerve. Individuals and organizations are seeking innovative ideas and flexible tools to excel in a rapidly changing, uncertain and often unstable future. What worked last year or even last month is no longer valid. People need new critical thinking skills to navigate unexpected change and create sustainable success. Her latest book is Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags (Collage Books, 2010) co-authored with Bonnie Michaels, and it's creating a buzz both in the boardroom and on the bus.

From one-star generals to middle management to entry level staff, Allison has lead thousands of people to perform under pressure. Her unique style accelerates the results of her clients, transforming professionals from average performers into persuasive communicators, competitive innovators and strengths-based topic experts.

Upside provides practical tools and incisive, empowering exercises that help the reader to develop a plan to deal with the challenging events in their life. Allison and Bonnie accumulated many stories of individuals overcoming change and loss that are inspiring and unique—including some of their own. Upside helps individuals learn to survive in world of new realities—the not known.

Allison is president of Precision Speaking, Inc. with office in Naples, FL and Birmingham, AL. The company offers keynotes and workshops on communication and presentation skills, plus priority management. Professional accolades include Outstanding Young Woman of the Year, Florida Speaker of the Year and the Jim Barbers Leadership Award for the state of Florida. 

For more information, please visit upsidethebook.com

Trust In Your Path

Trust that your path is always perfect... That seems like a simple statement but as we know, simple is not the same as easy. Being a control freak is a well-loved tradition in my family - trying to control events, people and even the future can be exhausting. For me, learning to let go and trust the process of life has been nerve-wracking, nail-biting and ultimately, monumentally freeing. During one prolific struggle, a dear friend looked me in the eye and said, "You have to trust that your path is always perfect. It's the timing we wrestle with." Those words…

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