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Professor A'Mera Frieman is a professional development specialist with a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in Business Administration and Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts in Professional Development with a Concentration in Life Coaching from Dallas Baptist University, and is currently completing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Northcentral University. Professor Frieman is also a practicing Professional Coach and Adjunct Professor with the Dallas County Community College District.

In 2013, Professor Frieman wrote the Amazon Bestselling Victoria's Journey series. In 2015, her first book, Victoria's Beginning, earned the National Indie Excellence Award in African American fiction. During this time, Professor Frieman and her husband, Zach, created a professional development division firm to assist small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families. They hold certifications from the University of North Texas Work Inclusion & Sustainable Employment division in Directorship, Vocational Adjustment Training, Personal Social Adjustment Training, Job Placement, and Job Coaching.

With six fiction books, ten professional development training curricula, and certified Leadership and Antibullying Advocate training manuals in her repertoire, Professor Frieman also founded and leads the Stopping the Madness Antibullying Foundation and created its premier program, the Dallas Women's Success Initiative conference to facilitate positive personal and professional development through knowledge building for women.

Professor Frieman is also known as a motivational "Purpose" speaker and her current focus is as the Chief Executive Officer and Principle Product Designer of Friedom Innovation LLC, a collective innovation firm that brings ideas to life through efficient and quality products to give customers freedom in their daily lives. Her first invention, The Takedown Tool-E, the Efficient Extension Remover, will be in stores in the Spring of 2019.

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Share Your Wisdom

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There is No Repeat of Life – Live it Now!

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