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Born to create and raised to express myself, I am here TODAY to SHARE the fruits of my labors of LOVE!  Thank YOU for being a part of my JOURNEY.

An accomplished award-winning public speaker, writer, performer, cook, public servant and 30 year veteran of television and radio broadcasting, I am a Detroit, MI native. In addition, I am an ordained minister, Reiki practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, Bach Flower Essence technician, jewelry designer, artist and glowing ball of light! My weekly Blog Talk Radio (BTR) program, Attitude of Gratitude, is just the inspiration each of us needs (myself included). Follow the program at

I also host The Wisdom of Success on the same network where my guests share their wisdom on the topic of success. And I am honored to have been the "birth mother" to Monroe Public Access Cable Television in Monroe, MI, which is still on the air 20 years after my departure!

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Recent Releases

The Attitude of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is what everyone is seeking these days, because they know that the more they can feel gratitude, there will be more they can be grateful for always around them. There is always something to be grateful for. Now there are those who would doubt this; that’s okay, be grateful for them for in the allowing of another to have their attitude that gives you the same permission to have yours -- and yours is an attitude of gratitude! Bring yourself into alignment with the attitude of gratitude by allowing yourself to be happy, happy about as…

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