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An attitude of gratitude is what everyone is seeking these days, because they know that the more they can feel gratitude, there will be more they can be grateful for always around them. There is always something to be grateful for.

Now there are those who would doubt this; that’s okay, be grateful for them for in the allowing of another to have their attitude that gives you the same permission to have yours — and yours is an attitude of gratitude!

Bring yourself into alignment with the attitude of gratitude by allowing yourself to be happy, happy about as much as you possibly can be happy about. Look around you, and when you see something that brings a smile to your face. Own that smile and allow that smile to beam and shine, allow that feeling to fill as much of your mind as possible.

Soon that feeling will wash over you, filling your body with as much joy and happiness as possible. As your body feels this happiness, you feel gratitude for how good this feels, how right this feels and how much you appreciate this moment in time, which allows you to experience gratitude in its most generous form. Your entire body is now in a state of bliss and peace and for this, you are grateful.

Now close your eyes and allow yourself to imagine that you can still see that sight that brought you to such a remarkable feeling of happiness and allow the memory to fill your imagination. Allow it to be all you give your concentration to, as you are grateful that you can once again see that which has brought you happiness before. As your imagination allows you to continue to see this sight, your entire body will once again be filled with the exact same energy as when your eyes were open — so you are grateful even more for this opportunity to experience happiness.

You feel your heart blossoming like a beautiful flower opening to the beckoning of the sun and for this, you are grateful. The warmth in your heart continues to expand and you realize that this feeling, this energy is what you have always felt connected to, always sought to manifest more of in your world.

This feeling is love. You are grateful for this feeling of love, grateful that you can bring it to you, that you can bring it through you and allow it to be the strength you can always call upon, the comfort that is always there. Allow this love to nurture you and be grateful even more.

Through this practice, gratitude has found ways to express itself to you and through you easily, because gratitude is love and you are love. And now you know how to make it happen over and over again. The ability to be grateful for something; and experience this love, feeling it deeply happens because it was in you all along. Be grateful that it always will be there.

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Born to create and raised to express myself, I am here TODAY to SHARE the fruits of my labors of LOVE!  Thank YOU for being a part of my JOURNEY.

An accomplished award-winning public speaker, writer, performer, cook, public servant and 30 year veteran of television and radio broadcasting, I am a Detroit, MI native. In addition, I am an ordained minister, Reiki practitioner, certified hypnotherapist, Bach Flower Essence technician, jewelry designer, artist and glowing ball of light! My weekly Blog Talk Radio (BTR) program, Attitude of Gratitude, is just the inspiration each of us needs (myself included). Follow the program at

I also host The Wisdom of Success on the same network where my guests share their wisdom on the topic of success. And I am honored to have been the "birth mother" to Monroe Public Access Cable Television in Monroe, MI, which is still on the air 20 years after my departure!

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  1. Thank you ALL for being here today. It is my honor and pleasure to connect and share the Inspired Brilliance you have just read. I encourage YOU to share YOUR BRILLIANCE with the world! Love, Annette

  2. My family and being able to provide our every need brings great gratitude to me! I am so happy to see you flourish, as my friend and mentor for years! God has blessed you with a beautiful gift! Run free and flow!

    1. Kathryn, you are most welcome. It is an honor to be of service as well as so wonderful to hear how you are blessed! Love to you always.

    1. You are WELCOME! Your support makes me smile. Long may you thrive and prosper! I am grateful for you.

  3. Grateful to those who are reading and telling me that you are leaving comments.. Kylie, Tom C. and more… this is so very appreciated and I am honored that you stopped by and are sharing! Much love.

  4. Fabulous way to remind us to draw upon our internal resources to rediscover what we have internally misplaced yet already know.

    1. Absolutely Kim! We ALL have this within and when we realize that, we SOAR! I appreciate YOU!

  5. Wow Annette,you give me an attitude of gratitude. I have been doing just that recently. Last month,my life changed. I found out I have a blood clot in my lung.I was grateful for the doctor that gave me hope that gave me different way of getting rid of of the clot.I have been just doing that for just over a month. Next I had to move.My roommate decided to move up island. That sucked,because I was sitting on the pity pot. Waaa is me. I didn’t have anything to be grateful for. I didn’t want to get off the pity pot. I had to,because I had lest then a month,to find a place to live. I found a place,and now living by myself.I have the attitude of gratitude.OI got a awesome place,and my heath is so much better,that I am grateful for my life. Thank you Annette,for reminding me to be grateful. I now have love for myself,and give it to anyone I come in contact with. So I love you.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing, I love YOU TOO! and I am happy to know that you are safe and sound! Good on you! Cheers

    2. Annette, I love how positive and inspiring you have been in my life. I try to be like that, but sometimes I have a hard time but what helps me is when I see your daily Facebook posts about what you’re grateful for. This reminds me to take a step back and think about what I’m grateful for and that my life is way better than I give credit for. Thanks for always being there for me and being and awesome inspiration to me for years! I love you! Love, Dre

      1. Dre, I love you more than words can say. YOU inspire me to be grateful each and everyday, that I know you. The connection we share is precious and that gives me deep appreciation for both our lives! You will find day by day that the more you appreciate, the MORE you will find to appreciate! Thank you for ALL you do for ME!

  6. A wonderful reminder to be aware of the positives in our lives. Everyone faces challenges. And it is so easy to become consumed with the trials and tribulations.
    In the midst of my fibromyalgia, it was easy to concentrate on myself, my aches and pains, and the myriad of treatments that brought no relief.
    The more I became consumed with myself and my troubles the more depressed I became. When I stopped navel gazing, I realized and appreciated my many blessings. How can you be mad at the world when there are those that love you? My precious dogs freely gave me their unconditional love, friends, phoned, flowers blossomed and I was grateful.
    I kept searching, feeling certain there had to be someone somewhere that could help me. Finally I found the wellness I searched for. And thanks to Joy of Healing I am well beyond my wildest dreams.
    Even in our times of struggle there is always something to be grateful for.

    1. Thank you so much for your beautiful inspiring reply. I am sitting here with tears of joy streaming down my face for I know that YOU are the reason someone experiences sunshine in their life because you give so freely from your heart! Your JOY is something I am grateful for! Merci!

  7. I find myself saying thank you for every event in my life as well as my existence. This is on a daily basis. I see every opportunity that comes my way, a learning experience. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you !!!!

    1. Oh Tom, I agree. The gratitude is the key and the most remarkable way to experience our lives! Bless you and thank YOU!

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