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I may be young, but I have lived through enough challenges and changes to offer up plenty words of wisdom!

For starters, feel everything to the fullest, the good and the bad. The bad things like heartbreak or losing a job are going to suck, and hurt! But, if you live that pain you will be able to walk away with your lesson. If we bottle up those feelings, they may come back to haunt us later. So let those feelings come up and run their course.

Pay special attention to the hard times because that is where you will learn the best lessons. For every tragic event, heartbreak, and bad decision I have made, there has been a lesson learned. I regret nothing because without those moments in my life I would not be where I am today.

Our thoughts control our emotions and the direction of the path we are on. Imagine being a single mom and you go to work only to find out you are laid off, effective immediately! You have two choices here, crawl into a hole of despair and self-pity, or believe something better is waiting around the corner. When you choose to embrace this sudden change as a blessing, it is as if you sling shot yourself on to a brand new path.

With your faith that “everything will work out” comes the result that everything WILL work out! “The Universe doesn’t make mistakes.” That is what I live by. I am not saying that you will not be upset, and probably really mad at your employers – feel those feelings! Feel them and then release them. The longer you hang on to those negative thoughts and feelings, the longer it will be until you are able to embark on the new path that waits ahead of you.

The first step to getting what you want, or achieving your goal is to visualize the FINAL result. If you know you want to change careers then visualize living that new career. SEE yourself doing the work and how it will feel doing a job you love! Our thoughts are so powerful; they manifest this new, amazing career that we love doing.

My best moments are when I feel my power from within! When that power is in full force I know I can achieve anything, it’s as if I’m already on top of the highest mountain top after only taking one step. We need to be clear about what we want, and strong enough to stand up and say “This is mine!” Own your life, and embrace that beautiful, STRONG, power within you!

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Katie Slachciak completed her Holistic Life Coach training in December 2012 from Radiant Health Institute. During the training her passion for reaching out to other women came alive! For her, coaching is about showing yourself (the client) that much needed attention, and love. As women it is rare that we get to focus and talk about ourselves for any large amount of time

Katie also attends Ashford University for her study in Complementary and Alternative Health. Learning about alternative health practices is important to her when it comes to caring for her three children. Her love for yoga helps Katie balance her life physically and spiritually, both of which she loves to share with others.

Katie loves inspiring and passing on knowledge to other women. For her it is a way of paying it forward, “I have been so lucky to have so many inspirational women mentors in my life. I take their wisdom and guidance and happily share it with other women.”

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  1. You remind me of something I thought of when I lost my job. What a difference in feeling between thinking “what’s going to happen to me?” and “what am I going to make happen?”. Your writing today is very powerful. Thank you!

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