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I would share my thoughts on some topics that concern most of us….

Fear and Struggle
There seems to be a lot of fear out there now, a lot of uncertainty. One thing most of us fear, to some degree, is the possibility of struggling. We fear the unknown.

It may be a struggle to get a new job, or end a relationship that’s really over anyway. I believe the pain of struggle is temporary, but the pain of staying stuck is much more devastating.

But how do we overcome that fear? I suggest by learning, by trial and error, by getting busy with the task at hand, not by avoiding the struggle. By believing that you deserve better, you can focus on the reward of fighting through the pain and reaching your goals.

In order to be successful in your professional and personal lives, commitment is not an option; it is a necessity. Once the commitment is made, the rest is just logistics.

The more of your goals you accomplish, the more goals you are able to accomplish. Success is a confidence builder; however, it’s a cycle that must be started with action. Do you know what one of the best things about confidence is? It allows you to get out of your comfort zone!!!! That is where growth is and breakthroughs occur.

Break your master goal into as many small components as possible, then treat each one as a separate mini-goal. Address each of these mini-goals with the same enthusiasm that you would your master goal, and you will be successful.

I believe that how we face life’s challenges is a major indication of how much peace and happiness we attain.

It’s been my experience that learning to let go of drama and negativity helps me have a more peaceful life. I strongly encourage you to learn to free your mind of these damaging thought patterns. Meditating is one step, another is to absorb everything you can from spiritual teachers.

Don’t hang onto the past or dwell on the future; create presence in your life whenever possible. It’s fine to visit memories of the past, as long as it’s not done too often nor to create drama. Setting goals and plans for the future is important, but constantly focusing on how achieving those goals will make you happy is a distraction. Try to live in the moment!

In the end, most people find that reaching their goals didn’t make them happy for long, because then there were new goals that would make them happy; the vicious cycle continues. Happiness is attained from within, not from something or someone else. Having a regular spiritual practice can help.

One of your life’s lessons should be to “let it go”. If you can’t fix or get out of the situation you’re complaining about, then accept that it is what it is and move on with life.

If I can do it, you can do it.

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Michael graduated from the University of Georgia in 1988 with a BBA in Finance. He created a TV show called Extreme Mike in which he, a physically challenged adventurer, would participate in various high-adrenaline and seemingly dangerous activities, such as skydiving. The point was to show the audience that we all could live a more active and rewarding lifestyle if we'd be willing to face our fears. Michael traveled the country speaking to schools, corporations and associations about the same message. The Extreme Mike show aired on PBS and was nominated for a regional Emmy. Michael wrote many articles as well that were published on the Web and in magazines, and he was interviewed on TBS and also CNN for several worldwide broadcasts.

Before getting involved in the TV show, Michael was in franchise development and sales with a desktop publishing franchise that he co-created. Michael has also been a franchise broker, financial planner, network administrator, and held various other jobs over the years. Michael is an extreme sports enthusiast and enjoys traveling. He currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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  1. That is so incredibly inspiring…
    I’m up and about right now because I got encouraged by this quote today..
    Thank you

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