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Commit To Get

We are more powerful than we can imagine. This message has come to us from many sources, but most of us don’t believe this to be true. The difficulty has to do with the simplicity of the plan. For many lifetimes we have bought into a belief in struggle. Even today, fitness gurus teach “no pain/no gain”. Everything is energy. That’s all. You are energy. The reason you incarnate on Planet Earth is to remember that and to learn how to manage what you are. In plainer words – to learn how to manipulate energy in order to create matter.…

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12 Ways to Fall Wildly In Love with Your Life

By falling in love with life, we fall in love with ourselves (and visa versa). When we fall in love with ourselves we can access our true potential because we become willing to give ourselves the experiences, practices and beliefs that support us to succeed AND the self acceptance to get back up when we fail. If we don’t fall in love with life and ourselves, then we fall into the perpetual wheel of self sabotage, struggle and suffering. How I support people (starting with myself) to love life: I establish powerful, self-serving daily practices. Our habits make us who we become. Be…

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3 Issues To Tackle On Your Path To Success

I would share my thoughts on some topics that concern most of us.... Fear and Struggle There seems to be a lot of fear out there now, a lot of uncertainty. One thing most of us fear, to some degree, is the possibility of struggling. We fear the unknown. It may be a struggle to get a new job, or end a relationship that's really over anyway. I believe the pain of struggle is temporary, but the pain of staying stuck is much more devastating. But how do we overcome that fear? I suggest by learning, by trial and error, by getting…

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