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Winning the Game of Fear Webinar

Motivational "happy thoughts" and philosophical points about the human condition Do NOT Solve The Deep, Underlying Fears, Feelings and Thoughts that NAG At You, Keep Reminding You of shortcomings and Rise Up Inside You when you even TRY something outside of your comfort zone! My friend John Assaraf has spent most of his adult life searching for real answers to tough questions AND the SCIENTIFIC PROOF behind these solutions! Maybe you've seen John talk about these PROVEN solutions on National TV or read about it in one of his international bestselling books. My Greatest Fear:  Not adequately conveying YOUR POWER…

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Ego Is Not My Father!

What is ego? I have found for myself that it is nothing but fear. It is simply a thought system we have mis-created. We have allowed it to separate ourselves from the Prime Creator (the thought of separation itself is an illusion). It keeps us a prisoner or slave to habits and personal thought patterns. It keeps us stuck in day-to-day life situations until we say, "Enough! I surrender all illusions about myself to the Holy Spirit." Ego blocks us from accepting our good because we do not feel we deserve our good or deserve to be loved. I am the Christ…

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Brain-A-thon: Shattering Your Financial Glass Ceiling

John Assaraf, who you may recognize from the hit movie The Secret, has gathered a panel of the world’s top neuroscientists and brain experts to help you shatter your financial glass ceiling. Did you know that your inner world shapes your outer world? If you have any self-doubt, hidden fears or uncertainty, or even old limiting patterns, beliefs or habits, you’ll sabotage your financial ability and success! Click here to reserve your place for this incredible free live video web cast.

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Sometimes My Fears Get So Intense

Sometimes my fears get so intense. It’s like my heart is in a vice grip and it’s squeezing all of the optimism and positivity out of me. Fortunately this has happened enough times over my lifetime to know that those fears are not me. They are not my truth. They are seeds that were planted at one point or another and I choose not to give them my power any longer. This is why I celebrate my fears and the anxiety that tends to come with them. Because when it’s on the surface, in my face and surging through my…

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3 Issues To Tackle On Your Path To Success

I would share my thoughts on some topics that concern most of us.... Fear and Struggle There seems to be a lot of fear out there now, a lot of uncertainty. One thing most of us fear, to some degree, is the possibility of struggling. We fear the unknown. It may be a struggle to get a new job, or end a relationship that's really over anyway. I believe the pain of struggle is temporary, but the pain of staying stuck is much more devastating. But how do we overcome that fear? I suggest by learning, by trial and error, by getting…

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5 Steps to Living Your Dream

What could you accomplish if you stopped listening to doubt and fear and went after a life most people only dream of? For 12 years, I listened to my doubt and fear, I listened to the negative voices of other people telling me my dream wasn’t possible. Maybe they were right.... I had no college degree and no special skills - how could a bread delivery driver from Wisconsin become an author, speaker and coach? It seemed impossible. After the death of my father, I realized that whether or not it seemed impossible, I had to try. Life is too…

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