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What is ego? I have found for myself that it is nothing but fear. It is simply a thought system we have mis-created. We have allowed it to separate ourselves from the Prime Creator (the thought of separation itself is an illusion). It keeps us a prisoner or slave to habits and personal thought patterns. It keeps us stuck in day-to-day life situations until we say, “Enough! I surrender all illusions about myself to the Holy Spirit.” Ego blocks us from accepting our good because we do not feel we deserve our good or deserve to be loved.

I am the Christ just as Jesus Christ is and so are you. I know and believe we are endowed with the Christ Consciousness just as He is endowed with it. Jesus is perfect. He always chose to listen to the Holy Spirit. He never allowed idols like anxiety, fear, jealousy, condemnation, judgment and fear of lack of money, distrust or dissatisfaction. to be His “Father.”

We choose these idols to be our “father” and then allow ourselves to be dissatisfied with the manifestation that these choices bring about. These choices keep us in a vicious cycle by choice.

Jesus was the Master of His physical life because He chose to think high vibratory thoughts that radiated in and without His being. He did it to show us that we too can be the Master of our lives. He did it to let us know we do not have to crucify ourselves every day with condemning thoughts about ourselves. It is a choice we make, to listen to the voice for ego or the Voice for God, the Holy Spirit.

It has been my personal intention to sit in the seat of receptivity of my highest good. Part of that intention includes having beautiful holy children, a beautiful luxurious place to live, a flourishing metaphysical healing center and church that touches the lives of others, a fantastic recording career that uplifts thousands and positive uplifting metaphysical books that heal with His Word. I intend to keep sustaining and nurturing the love of myself and developing deep abiding friendships. I intend to write the necessary books, articles and newsletters that I am guided to write. I intend to reach millions of people who are seeking and desiring to change their lives for the better.

My philosophy includes believing that you can make your life a blessing for all who come in contact with you as well. Make your intention a powerful one. Make your intention to Love Yourself as powerfully as you can make it. Do everything you can possibly do to have fun while doing this. Let your joy Be in the doing for yourself and celebrating yourself. Bless yourself every single day and give thanks always for the beauty within you. My love is with everyone and I hope you will begin to look past illusions from the “outside in” so you can know your love as well.

When we totally and completely love one’s self, there is absolute trust and faith in all your decisions, because you are recognizing the God-Self that you truly are. Your God Self can make no mistakes because you are operating from Love and Love cannot be but loving.

A quote from Marianne Williamson, “The universe is intentional. It is always moving in the direction of greater love, regardless whether or not we consciously align with that love.

When we do align with it, we thrive. And when we do not, we suffer. This is not “punishment.” It is merely the Law of Cause and Effect. With each thought we think, we either align with universal love, or we disconnect ourselves from it. Whichever is our choice determines whether we then feel connected to, or disconnected, from our own true Selves.”

I have led you to know and experience the many Universal principles and tools you can use at any time and I have incorporated them in my life and in my family’s so that we experience living a healthy, mental and spiritual lifestyle.

We see the Door of Everything open itself to us and we walk through the many mansions beyond it that are there for us to explore. You can do the same thing with your pure Intention.

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Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin is known as a “Doctor of Thought”. She is the Co-Founder, with her husband Chris, of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary. She is a renowned author of metaphysical and motivational books for adults. Her inspirational speeches and writings share her secrets for a successful life through an empowering thought system, by applying Universal principles and techniques. She has assisted thousands of clients through workshops, lectures, radio shows, books, interviews, personal coaching and healings across the globe over the past 25 years.

She is an Ordained Minister, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Healing Counselor and Matrix Energetics Technician. She is a leading Radio/TV personality offering topics relating to the inherited power of the gift of thought and the power behind our Word which is the cause of manifesting our reality.

Her best-selling books are: Super Vita-Minds: How to Stop Saying I Hate You...To Yourself; The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success!; and Americans Saving Ourselves Together: How to Thrive in the 21st Century. She is one of the co-authors of the recent best-selling series Contagious Optimism authored by David Mezzapelle. She has two beautiful sons.

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