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If today were my last day on earth, the words I would share wouldn’t necessarily be something that hasn’t been said before, only something simply forgotten, more or less, buried, tucked away, locked inside our hearts.

It’s a message that we have all heard: a creed that we’ve all sworn to at some time in our lives. A burning desire that was placed in us a birth. I’m referring to our purpose and the power that it holds once it is embraced and acted upon.

If today were my last day on earth, my only regret in this life would be that for too long I was afraid. Deep down I knew that I was destined for something, but more often than not I found myself hesitant towards what I knew I was called to do. In my mind it was always some fallacy holding me back. It was always something negligible as the scapegoat.

For some time these irrational binds forged a strong hold in my mind, blinding me from the vision I once had for myself. Things started to get foggy, and I started to find myself drifting aimlessly in life… that is, until I determined that I had enough. I was tired of being limited by my fears, other people’s opinions, and my own negative self-talk.

Through this life I have come to understand that fear is natural. It’s there to protect us and to ensure our survival. At times, fear is good. It’s rational to have a fear of heights or a fear of drowning. Fearing your destiny… not so much.

After my initial plunge into the unknown, things didn’t change overnight. I was still uneasy about my next move. The only difference from back then and where I am now is that I refuse to let fear inhibit me.

“For no reason should you fear what you should become.”

That was a lesson I had to come to terms with throughout my life, and is the final message I would pass along to others. For no reason should we inhibit ourselves with limiting beliefs. No one is “average”. We are all brilliant and filled to the brim with potential.

Instead of thinking “Why me?” think “Why not me?”. We were all put on this planet for a specific purpose. Unleash your brilliance to the world. Find your passion and change the world. Don’t be afraid to make a difference. When we follow our aspirations, it gives leeway to blessings from above that are incomprehensible. Enjoy life, do what you love, be confident in your abilities, and remember the golden rule.

You’ll only go as far as you’re willing to travel.

Become Legendary.

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Alex Rogers is a young visionary who has touched the lives of many through his writings. Alex is most recognized from his debut book series, The Empowerment Series, in which Alex shares his thoughts on various issues that affect young adults on a daily basis through the re-telling of his own personal experiences. Topics of the series include: bullying, self-esteem, stereotypes, finding your identity, and many more. Alex's goal for the series is to empower the reader to find insight and direction in life's many ordeals.

Currently, Alex can be found speaking at schools about the topics covered in his debut book, I'm Only Human After All, which focuses on Alex's personal experiences with bullying and self-esteem. Just recently, Alex was featured in a documentary produced by FireCrackerFilms and aired by MTV International, titled Bullied, which featured both him and other young adults around the world sharing their views on bullying.

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  1. I am going through that same fear … But it’s been going on over 50 years … I’m trying to change before it’s too late … I’m so tired … I’m glad you found your way …

  2. That’s funny Alex. It crippled me, fear. Way to long. For the past year, I haven’t had negative self talk. I have done a lot of work on myself, the inside job. Got down to to the core of who I thought I was. I ran my life on fear, seen it while I was down there, and changed who I wanted to be. That was when my life changed. My life is awesome. Im spiritual, good friends, and family.

  3. Alex, I am so impressed with this article and the words of insight and wisdom that come from such a young person. Keep shining your light; the world needs it.


  4. I agree this is very inspirational.. As for me I know I can do so much more and help people along the way but I have a hard job convincing others sometimes so then the fear and doubt set in…perhaps I’m wrong and I’m not so great after all. Thank you again Alex it’s good to know I’m not alone

  5. Fear can be crippling….
    Fear of heights and water is more balanced with a healthy respect of them, that they can be dangerous if not navigated carefully. Shouldn’t that be the strategy of our purpose as well? A healthy respect of that thing we are called to, and navigation with caution, but the fear of not doing it being the strongest fear we face? I have been facing fear as my biggest obstacle for a good many years. I experience undue anxiety regularly. And I am fighting to find that good balance that allows me to explore what I KNOW I should be doing. Thank you…..

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