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Your future on this earth depends on one decision. This decision shapes who you will become in the future. This decision shapes whether you will impact others positively or negatively. This one decision will determine whether you have thriving personal and business relationships or if you will drift from one bad relationship to the next. This one decision will affect everything in your life.

Struggle Leads To This Question

We live in a world where struggle and difficulty are simply a part of life. Some people struggle financially. Others face health issues or the loss of a loved one. Some grow up disadvantaged and disenfranchised, without caring and loving parents. Whether you are facing a struggle now or something happened to you in the past, you have a choice to make. This is the question:

Are you going to allow your current struggle or painful past to make you bitter or better?

Choosing To Be Bitter

You cannot control your past, but you have complete control over your future. Bitterness allows your past to control your future and leads to anger and stress. Anger and stress lead to health issues. The opposite of being “at ease” is disease. Bitterness never allows you to fully embrace being “at ease.”

Bitterness is selfish and keeps people from being all they were created to be. It holds people back instead of propelling them forward. Bitterness is like an old, rusted-out station wagon in a single car garage. Until you get the old, rusted jalopy out of the garage, you don’t have room for the new Mercedes convertible.

Choosing To Get Better

You will never regret choosing to get better. Choosing to get better always leads to happiness. Learning from your experiences and choosing to let them make you better is the ideal way to have assurance that your future will be better than your past.

My parents divorced when I was 9 years old. I could have allowed it to make me bitter. I chose to let it make me better. I am blessed with a tremendous marriage that has lasted over 17 years and we have three great kids.

I lost millions of dollars and went bankrupt when the economy tanked in 2008. But rather than choosing bitterness, I chose to get better. I bounced back financially. And although bouncing back financially was great, it was my bounce back relationally and spiritually that was most important. This was all due to my choice to get better.

When a doctor told me I had a mass on my throat at 35 years old, I could have chosen to get bitter. I chose to get better. Now, I am in better physical condition at 43 than I was at 23.

The Choice Is Yours

Is bitterness holding you back? Will you choose to get better? Choose to get better and it will create a legacy that will inspire and endure. The choice is yours.

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Jimmy Burgess was a millionaire by 35, lost it all and ended up in bankruptcy. He bounced back quickly financially, but it was the bounce back that happened physically, relationally and spiritually that led him to write the book, What Just Happened? How To Bounce Back In Life So You Can Do More, Have More, and Be More. His book launches this week, with over $200 in bonuses available during launch week only. Get the details on book and bonuses now!

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