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You are a fascinating, unique, and wonderful creative being, and the power that dwells deep within your soul is eternally connected to the very source of your being, God. You are blessed with certain spiritual gifts and talents and you hold divine potential within your soul. You have the free will to express your individual creative power in any way you choose as long as it is in agreement with divine love and divine truth. Do not concern yourself about your specific life purpose and destiny as you simply need to allow your creativity to blossom. It is time to stop waiting and to start creating by expressing the truth of who you are.

When you connect with a higher power, you will add divine light to the creative power within you. Each day is a new day to expand your conscious connection to a higher power so that you will discover just how much spiritual help and assistance you really do have within your life. When you reach out to a source of power that is much greater than yourself alone, then you will open the door to divine help and guidance, and you will begin a natural journey of spiritual growth and transformation as new knowledge and wisdom will find its way into your life. Any time you may feel overwhelmed, fearful, unable to cope; or you are going through some kind of adversity or illness, then simply send a loving request to a higher power for spiritual assistance and it will be administered. God’s holy angels will surround you with healing energy and will impress your consciousness with spiritual guidance.

Begin to evaluate what is most important in your life as this is one sure way to experience the happiness that already dwells within you, which is often clouded over due to any limiting beliefs you may have; other people’s interference; and the fear of listening to the truth of your heart’s desires. Your happiness dwells in the truth that resides within your heart and it is important to pay close attention to what your heart is expressing. It may be very difficult at times to acknowledge and accept the truth in your heart, as following this truth may require you to take risks that you are afraid to take; it may require you to make difficult decisions that you are fearful of making; and it may require you to experience temporary pain and emotional difficulties; but know this:

You have the power of God within you and this power will give you the strength to face your fears, and to overcome emotional pain and adversity.

Any difficulties, struggles and emotional pain you experience will soon pass and will only be temporary. You will emerge stronger spiritually and you will discover a new level of joy you have yet to experience. Examine your perceptions of what you choose to believe about your life. If you don’t like what you see in your life, then you have the power to alter this present reality by changing your beliefs and choosing a new reality for you. You are not destined to struggle, you are destined to soar!

So, with this in mind as you travel through the journey of your life, “live your truth and follow your heart, ask for assistance in order to start, love yourself and love your life, because with love in your soul, you will never, ever, fail.”​​ Within this truth is where you will discover your greatest power!

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Joanne Brocas is a #1 award-winning author, intuitive energy healer, and angel expert. Joanne's new book, The Power of Angels, is written with the energy of love and includes her own channeled poem, from a higher power, to help inspire others to heal and improve their lives.

Joanne firmly believes that when you learn to rely on a power that is greater than yourself alone, then miracles can and do happen. In 2009, Joanne was the nominated finalist for Best Female Medium in the UK's Spiritual Connection Awards. Joanne is passionate about teaching others about healing, angels and a higher power. Joanne was born in Swansea, South Wales, and now lives in Orlando, Florida, with her Scottish husband.

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