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There is one world. We have one life. We have one chance to get this right. Pause your life for a moment and think about this.

We look out at the world, and see a place of unending wonder. One part of us wants to attribute the wonder to a God overhead; another part of us hears the voices of the scientists who say it all began when a tiny, infinitely condensed seed exploded, scattering matter to the far reaches of the cosmos, where it gradually formed into stars, galaxies, planets, and then, somehow, life itself.

Our minds are split between these two stories: one tells of a powerful God beyond our senses; the other of a powerful explosion beyond our understanding.

But there is one world. One mind. The central quest of life is to seek a vantage point where both stories can be understood across a broader canvas.

Here’s how it can be done:

Both science and religion are right in one way, but they have misplaced the source of the mystery.

Religion is right that God is the source of the world, but this God is not outside of us, but rather, as the Hindus say, deep inside of us.

Science is right that the universe exploded with infinite energy but they have mistaken the source of the explosion and the nature of the energy released. The energy did not come from a distant cataclysmic event far outside of us, but from a creative explosion from the core of our being.

The universe began not from an infinitely condensed particle but from an infinitely powerful creative mind; we know this mind, because we are part of it. The source of the world’s wonder is the infinite dreaming mind of God.

This view takes God down from the sky and re-locates the source of creation in a power over which we have direct knowledge: the power of the mind to dream.

The mind of God cycles through time, expressing itself through the generations of life, a cycle that continues until the only self-conscious creature ⎯ humans⎯ come to realize the truth of the perennial wisdom: we are truly one, and together we dream this world.

I have held this view for over 40 years, and its truth grows stronger with time. Staying on this course, striving for the highest dream, is the only truth I know.

Our journey here is not a solo venture; together we must together break down the walls separating science and religion and begin the task of building a home where science can fulfill its vision of explaining the physical world, and God its dream of world united.

Is this the generation that will be up to the test? This is our one life. Our one chance to get it right.

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Philip Comella is a practicing lawyer with a philosophy degree as well as a visionary futurist. He has spent over 35 years researching and developing the arguments in favor of a new scientific worldview that will replace the outdated, matter-world worldview of materialism that today dominates our way of thinking. These efforts have culminated in his new book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God.

He is also the host of the Internet radio show, Conversations Beyond Science and Religion, podcast at, where he talks with leading-edge thinkers on topics ranging from quantum theory and cosmology, to energy healing and life-after-death. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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  1. That is true Philip. Others say we don’t just have one life. If we don’t get this life right, God sends us back again. It what I believe, and how I try to find out my perpress in life. I have a past, and learned to accept it, and move forward in my life. Beliving in a higher power, something greater than I, gives me the hope of tomorrow, try to be kind, and loving to myself and to others. United with humanity, and connect with each other. I have a good life. Good job, good friends, and family. I put my life on hold for awhile. I had to try to figure out this life of mine. I’m doing just fine with my one life. I do hope for tomorrow to live it better than yesterday, and be easy on myself, and kind, respectable to everyone else. I’m trying to do the best I can in this one life. You brought this out of me, with your inspirational dispiction of how you perceived this world and let people read it, and see how we perceive it. Thank you for that. I hope you live your life instead of just being in this life.

    1. Thanks for the comment. We have utter certainty we are here, now. I think we are better off doing everything we can in this life to fulfill our dreams, than to hope we get it together in the another world. If there is another world, another life, it can’t hurt to have given our all in this one.

  2. I disagree with your statement that we only have one chance to get life right because I believe in and have memories of reincarnation. However, I definitely agree with everything else you say about our oneness and the power of our creative mind. Juanita Ruth One

  3. I agree with Juanita that the statement “we only get one chance to get life right” is not correct and in fact is misleading. It creates the fear of what if I don’t get it right ? will I be condemned for all eternity as many of the religions teach. I agree we should live this life to the utmost, to remember we are love and to live love at all times not only to others but especially to ourselves. For if we don’t love ourselves how can we possibly love others. The joining of the two perceptions is great. Yes God, the creator, created us and is in us as well as creating the universe so we could experience the love we are, not just know it. So if all were to understand and accept that they are love then we would have brought this physical being (we call life) to the point of experiencing love in its totality.

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