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Philip Comella is a practicing lawyer with a philosophy degree as well as a visionary futurist. He has spent over 35 years researching and developing the arguments in favor of a new scientific worldview that will replace the outdated, matter-world worldview of materialism that today dominates our way of thinking. These efforts have culminated in his new book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God.

He is also the host of the Internet radio show, Conversations Beyond Science and Religion, podcast at, where he talks with leading-edge thinkers on topics ranging from quantum theory and cosmology, to energy healing and life-after-death. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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One World, One Life

There is one world. We have one life. We have one chance to get this right. Pause your life for a moment and think about this. We look out at the world, and see a place of unending wonder. One part of us wants to attribute the wonder to a God overhead; another part of us hears the voices of the scientists who say it all began when a tiny, infinitely condensed seed exploded, scattering matter to the far reaches of the cosmos, where it gradually formed into stars, galaxies, planets, and then, somehow, life itself. Our minds are split…

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