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Imagine if every day for a decade you consumed five Twinkies. At the end of that decade, if you were alive at all, you wouldn’t be surprised that your body looked and performed like the equivalent of five Twinkies!

Most adults in our society today understand that you get out of your body only what you put into it. Put the optimal foods and care in, and you get a much healthier body. The more you don’t, the more you won’t.

If you truly want to become who you really are – if you want to live the greater happiness, inner-peace, and success you know deep inside you are capable of – the most important thing to remember and act upon is this:

What you put into your being is what you will get out of being.

In the same way that consuming mediocre to toxic foods will result in a mediocre to toxic body, consuming mediocre to toxic experiences will result in a mediocre to toxic being.

Conversely, in the same way that consuming nourishing foods will result in a far more optimal body, consuming nourishing experiences will result in a far more optimal being.

Unfortunately, while this makes theoretical sense to most, almost no one actually lives it. Instead virtually everyone today feels stuck in a rut, whether in their finances, career, health, relationships, or all of these. Nearly every adult today feels overwhelmed, stressed out, worried, and “drained.”

Record numbers feel depressed, lonely, angry, guilty, afraid, “empty,” or confused about life. Many now think this is the norm, and that achieving deep happiness is the equivalent of hallucinating.

But these self-sabotaging states are anything but normal. Deep happiness IS real and it in fact already exists inside you.

It is not a matter, though, of getting something outside of you to achieve the success and happiness. You lack for nothing.

Instead, you must clear through the barriers inside you – the “rust and crust” from decades of untended emotions fostered by extensive exposure to mediocre and toxic experiences – to achieve and live the happiness and success that are already yours.

By actively and routinely engaging in the positive, transformative experiences that are available to you everyday – “Intense Experiences” – you can clear through these self-sabotaging internal barriers to become who you really are and achieve what you know deep inside you are meant to.

It has been my life’s mission to realize and provide people the most positive intense everyday experiences available. This means the most powerfully transformative experiences that people can easily do on a routine basis to clear through their internal barriers and finally live the profound happiness and success waiting inside of them.

I discovered that there are nine key areas of such experiences, but I will leave you here with the most intense of them all:

Play much more.

Try fun new things constantly, be brave enough to be silly, and dismiss the notion that to be grown up means to be ground down by seriousness. It is the miserable old fools causing strife around them that are the serious ones. Reprioritize play to the top of your list.

To achieve the happiness waiting inside you – indeed, to achieve peak success in your career, finances, health, and relationships – play is even more important than work.

If your brain still doesn’t quite believe me, just really listen to your body, heart, and spirit when you play. They will confirm it for you.

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Brian Vaszily is the founder of The Creative Genius Institute and the popular natural health website,

He's the author of multiple books including the #1 international bestseller, "The 9 Intense Experiences: An Action Plan to Change Your Life Forever" (Wiley, 2011).

An in-demand speaker and frequent media guest including on ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox, Brian is one of today's most celebrated life transformation leaders.

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  1. I totally love this message! I always suspected that play should be given a higher priority. My fan page even has this as a category. You’ve affirmed it. Thank you for lightening my day!

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