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Joanne Brocas is a #1 award-winning author, intuitive energy healer, and angel expert. Joanne's new book, The Power of Angels, is written with the energy of love and includes her own channeled poem, from a higher power, to help inspire others to heal and improve their lives.

Joanne firmly believes that when you learn to rely on a power that is greater than yourself alone, then miracles can and do happen. In 2009, Joanne was the nominated finalist for Best Female Medium in the UK's Spiritual Connection Awards. Joanne is passionate about teaching others about healing, angels and a higher power. Joanne was born in Swansea, South Wales, and now lives in Orlando, Florida, with her Scottish husband.

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Connecting With a Higher Power

You are a fascinating, unique, and wonderful creative being, and the power that dwells deep within your soul is eternally connected to the very source of your being, God. You are blessed with certain spiritual gifts and talents and you hold divine potential within your soul. You have the free will to express your individual creative power in any way you choose as long as it is in agreement with divine love and divine truth. Do not concern yourself about your specific life purpose and destiny as you simply need to allow your creativity to blossom. It is time to…

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Changes (Poem)

Our life is one of constant motion, forever changing like the ocean, Fearing the outcomes we cannot see, we stay where we are and constantly be, We stay in the pain of an old romance, we stay in the pain of not taking that chance, We stay in our grief of a love that has passed, not willing to move or let go of the past. We regret things we did, or did not do, we hold onto anger and emotional blues, We blame other people and then ourselves, for the hurt and the upset and our poor health. When…

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