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Nothing you are told that matters, really matters!

What do I mean by that? Well as we are raised, interact with other children, are taught at schools and then indoctrinated in our jobs and careers, we are constantly told what’s important… make a good first impression, look out for number one, find a stable job with good income, buy a house, buy a bigger house, buy a BMW, etc.

And so many times, we lose the idea of what’s important to US and start to believe that all these things are important to us. We fall in line.

But you are a unique individual. And what matters to everyone else, shouldn’t matter to you.

What should matter to you, is what matters to YOU!

It’s hard in the world of constant marketing bombardment to even discover what makes you happy, what makes you self-fulfilled and what you feel your purpose on Earth is.

But that’s the single most important thing. And the earlier you can discover this, the sooner you can have a better than ordinary – and even EXTRAORDINARY – existence!

So many people go through life working at some job that means nothing to them, so they can have a “nice” house and a fancy car. And if that’s all that’s of interest to you, then chase that dream.

But is owning a BMW worth your soul? Of course not. You need to find what matters to YOU, not to others, and then pursue that with a passion. You need to meet your obligations, and certainly not abandon those that depend on you.

Take a day, a week, or a month and focus on what it is that is important to you. Then, slowly and methodically, rearrange your life to match those goals. Your life will mean so much more to you and you will be a better, happier, more giving person once you find yourself fulfilled.

You only have a short time on this Earth, and you can achieve great things, but only once you discover what your real goals are for your own success.

So what are some of the guidelines for finding your own success?

Some key indicators are:

1. It makes you happy

2. It helps others

3. It makes the world, or at least those around you, happier and better than before they interacted with you

4. It accomplishes something BESIDES earning money

You’ll most likely come up with many other scenarios, but there needs to be more to it than simply chasing money for the sake of earning money. Once you discover your purpose, your desires and your abilities to help others, you will live a much more inspired and fulfilled life.

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David Kantor is a entrepreneur in the diamond business, an author and a speaker. Having his daughter Taylor, who was born with a rare chromosome disorder, opened his eyes to a world he didn't know existed.

He and his wife Leslie, along with some other parents of special needs children, founded the Bids for Kids auction to benefit Mary Bridge Children's hospital. The auction, now in its 20th year, has raised over $1 million for the programs.

Recently elected to the Board of directors of Variety Club of the Desert, he works on the Mobility Bike program, giving away custom bikes for disabled children.

David founded and still heads up Kantor Diamond Company, a hybrid diamond company that encompasses retail locations, online sales, wholesale divisions and production facilities. He tries to lead his employees by example everyday, being mindful that when they work with a consumer, that diamond is signifying a very special occasion in someone's life.

Inspired by his daughter Taylor, David wrote Gaining Perspective: Lessons I'm learning from Taylor, available on Amazon.

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  1. Thank you, David. While the toys that we accumulate may make us happy for the moment, true happiness endures. By helping others our lives are enriched beyond measure.

  2. David, are you the David Kantor I met many years ago in Italt? You visited me and met my family in Hasbrouck heights nj. My Mom purchased from you….. just saw this post and read your purposeful remarks. If not you are inspirational.

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