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If this were my last chance to share something with the world, I would encourage everyone to be unreasonable – be instigators of change!

You’ve been a good person, you’ve given of yourself, and you’ve done the right thing – most of the time. You have lived your life by others’ rules, those rules that you were taught as a child, those rules you taught to others.

But what one rule have you always wanted to break? I’m not talking about laws, or morality. I don’t mean robbing a bank or cheating on your spouse. What is that thing that you wanted to do that you were told you shouldn’t?

Like quitting a job you hate that “has great benefits”. Starting your own company in a field that everyone says is “too risky”. Deciding to perform the songs you wrote LIVE in front of an open-mic audience. Selling your house and moving to the Bahamas because it sounds like fun. What rule would not hurt anyone – but would be “wrong” to do?

I bet every time you thought about doing the “right thing” instead of freeing yourself to break that rule, some part of you cringed in resistance. How long have you been that reasonable person, doing what is expected of the average person?

Like a good citizen, you never outwardly questioned who came up with this rule, who this rule really serves, and what would really happen if you broke it.

Maybe you saw others breaking this rule, and you were angry that they defied an agreed-upon standard, yet part of you was jealous that they were either stupid or courageous enough to try it.

What kind of person breaks one of these rules? Who would have such disregard for this explicit or implicit rule? You certainly wouldn’t be so irreverent… or would you?

When you think of breaking one of these cherished rules, what does that thought do to you physically? Feel it in your body: feel how your heart rate picks up, how some part of you gets tense, and how you get agitated.

Know what you’re feeling? The way you are kept in place! The computer virus of compliance was just activated. Maybe you feel fear or worry about what such an act of deviation would produce. Maybe you are feeling the programmed shame that would come if you were to defy the rule.

What is that unreasonable act that would be so risky? What act would risk your reputation as a man or woman, would have others talking about you behind your back? Do it. Do it now! Do that unreasonable act. Become that remarkable person for that one moment.

Living life to the fullest, stepping beyond the norm to be that remarkable human: break that mold of what you should be, and be who you want to be. Leave a seed of the extraordinary behind for another to do their unreasonable act, so they can be set free to be remarkable!

Leave us your gift of unreasonable remarkableness.

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I was blessed with serious Asperger’s Syndrome and dyslexia. I couldn’t succeed in the normal way, so not only did I need to become non-normal, I had to find out-of-the-box ways to step out of my limitations.

My 35-year journey has taught me something vital: what others call “impossible” is possible, just not with the usual means. I learned that if you want something badly enough and are willing to go for it in unconventional ways, you often can create it. For me, that meant healing myself through holistic health and shamanism.

During my quest for healing, I studied what it means to be a man in many different ways. I operated private practices, owned a holistic medical clinic, taught corporate executives to work more effectively, co-created the leading Mindfulness Stress Reduction company in the country, and was privileged to help several thousand clients heal what they thought was impossible.

Today I live in a small town in northern Idaho, working with a limited number of clients and writing for blogs. My passion is showing men that they are not screwed up – they were just never taught what it was to be a man. My book, Grow Up: A Man's Guide to Masculine Emotional Intelligence, lays out a simple way to learn what was never taught to us. Men learn how to be unreasonable on the road to being remarkable.

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