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Dr Annika Sorensen is a medical doctor who has practiced in the Swedish Public Health Care System for many years, specializing in family medicine. Feeling the stress and overload creeping closer in her own life she decided to change track a few years ago. She now runs her own business,, and focuses on health promotion instead of on disease, with an emphasis on getting out of stress, work assessment and other business-related issues.

In her work-book Take stress from chaos to calm, she offers an easy way to get control of “stress in life” by looking at your whole situation and by getting back to basics. The book has been top-rated and is available on Amazon. Now you can also get the follow up My De-Stress Diary, a book for inspiration and making changes for a good life.

Today Dr Annika mentors CEO´s, executives and managers helping them take their stress from chaos to calm. She is also a popular international speaker and host workshops on the subjects of finding calm and effectivity in a stressful work environment. She offers her services in her office in Sweden, in your office worldwide, or via Skype/Zoom.

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Simple Guidelines for Living the Life You Want

Going through rain, thunder and sunshine in life, I have learned this: Whatever color of the skin on people we all have the same feelings, the same joy, the same fears, the same biology, the same psychology. Yes, on the inside we are all the same. So never judge on the outside. Also be kind to everybody including yourself. Kindness feeds kindness and we need more of that on the globe. This definitely includes never, ever hit your children. Talk to them, show them what is right. Hit and abused children often grow up to be hitting and abusing grown-ups.…

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