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Ashton Aiden is a life coach and creator of programs on goal setting and achievement, manifestation, emotional mastery, healing, and meditation. He is the founder of BrainwaveLove - a pure reflection of Ashton’s passion to share the inspiration, knowledge and tools that have helped him transform his own life. His blog has grown to become one of the most genuine and integrity-driven free self-improvement resources on the web.

Ashton’s free online article and video series have reportedly ‘guided’ numerous people to ‘find their own path in life’, heal emotional wounds, and experience a whole new level of freedom and awareness, while his personalized coaching sessions have helped his clients achieve massive breakthroughs in various areas of their personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Ashton’s writing has been featured in some of the top personal development blogs, including PickTheBrain; Change Your Thoughts; PurposeFairy; MyYogaOnline; StevePavlina, and more.

So, are you ready to be guided by one of the absolute masters of the art of manifestation? Are you ready for a liberating experience that will help you reach the personal and professional heights you’ve always envisioned for yourself? Go to to book your free introductory coaching session, or simply grab your free book on Emotional Mastery, which is more than enough to help you introduce a few radical changes into your life!

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