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Ashton Aiden

The most basic and fundamental truth of our existence is a miracle…

Our very reality is founded upon goodness, love, peace, and joy…

This is what we are to our core.

The very source of our existence has come from this goodness, and this is truly all that exists.

This also means that the negativity we experience in life, whether it be fear, anxiety, sorrow, or anger, is only an illusion.

Though this may seem far removed from the experience that most people are having in their life right now, it is possible for anyone and everyone to have an experience of this truth. There are many paths and techniques for having this experience and once you have it, you can never truly forget it. You will never quite be the same, and will never be quite as able to fully believe in pain, fear, or negativity.

So how do we come to know that the words I have just said are true? If you sincerely desire to know this truth, the way will be shown to you. My personal path was through meditation and study, with a strong dose of devotion and prayer. But there are other paths as well, and you may very well intuit that whatever path you feel most inclined to take will be the one most likely to lead you to this happy realization.

Indeed, everything in your entire life, this whole universe that you experience, is calling you to remember who you are, to remember that all is love, and that all is One, together in this love. No matter how far away you may feel from knowing this for yourself, you may take comfort in the fact that this truth can never leave you. It is always there, waiting for you to become aware of it.

This is why our lives are truly a miracle, because we are already saved, safe, and at home. No matter how far we may seem to stray, the ultimate peace and love that exists in the universe is never more than a few feet away, waiting to comfort us and return us to a state of joy and happiness.

There is so much talk these days about self-improvement, about fixing weaknesses, and developing strengths, about changing oneself, resolving karma, sowing seeds of luck to sprout into the future. These may be great ways to spend one’s time on earth, but it is so good to know that, no matter what, regardless of what happens, what life path you choose, what mistakes you make, or what knowledge you gain or don’t gain, you cannot avoid the inevitability that you will return home one day.

This is your birthright. This is the inevitable fate of one that was created in wholeness and Love, through a source that has never left you, and never will.

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Ashton Aiden is a life coach and creator of programs on goal setting and achievement, manifestation, emotional mastery, healing, and meditation. He is the founder of BrainwaveLove - a pure reflection of Ashton’s passion to share the inspiration, knowledge and tools that have helped him transform his own life. His blog has grown to become one of the most genuine and integrity-driven free self-improvement resources on the web.

Ashton’s free online article and video series have reportedly ‘guided’ numerous people to ‘find their own path in life’, heal emotional wounds, and experience a whole new level of freedom and awareness, while his personalized coaching sessions have helped his clients achieve massive breakthroughs in various areas of their personal, professional, and spiritual life.

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  1. “This also means that the negativity we experience in life, whether it be fear, anxiety, sorrow, or anger, is only an illusion.” I do not agree – many people have had real, difficult, hurtful and lasting experiences in life – and to characterize them as an illusion is not accurate at all – how we deal with them and live with them is the real key – but I believe you can not treat them as if they are some imagination or unreal event. BG

    1. I think what he meant, while we are on earth as humans it’s an illusion. Of course their real no doubt about that, but when we return home after we die, we will see that it was an illusion.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful!!!! We all should lead our lives as such, this is way we were intended to be. I’m on that journey right now. It’s all about learning through our experiences, good and bad. Sometimes we may not understand why we are presented with the challenges but there is a lesson in everything. I believe the goodness does prevail and kindness is power. Thanks for your inspiring message! Jojo

  3. Ashton, I agree that life is a miracle, but not that negative experiences are an illusion. Are the horrible atrocities that are going on in the world all illusions? I think not. Only from a very high level of conciousness can one claim this to be true. But for most of us mortal humans, pain, sadness and trauma are very real. I, being a life coach myself, used to profess the same thing about illusions, until I had a stroke that turned my life upside down. I can’t say that I see my debilitating condition as an illusion. I DO see it as a gift from the heavens for the transformation it has brought into my life and in that light it is a miracle…that I am alive and have been given a second chance to live my life according to the Divine. Perhaps if I were at a much higher level of consciousness where everything is light, where there is no darkness, then I could say that my stroke was an illusion. But how many people on this earth are really at that level of awareness? Yes, we all strive for that whether we are aware of it or not, but it takes an immense amount of inner work to do that and most of us fear what it takes to do so, so we stay in our illusions of pain and sorrow. I do believe that as more and more of us strive for “nirvana” so to speak, more and more will realize what you are saying about illusions. But it is still a hard pill to swallow for most of us at the present time.

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