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Is it true that man is the product of his environment? The answer is NO, because growing up in Haiti in times of political instability, insecurity and extreme poverty, the fate of my life couldn’t be anything but an enormous failure. I would not let circumstances define who I am but instead who I am would change my circumstances — and who I am is a conqueror.

Indeed, it took me some time to fully understand who I am; nevertheless, when I finally figured it out, nothing could stop me from living up to that standard. During my journey to discover the purpose of my existence, I have found these 7 wisdoms that inspire me to hold on to my dream no matter where life takes me.

  1. Know your Creator: Until you come to know or acknowledge your Creator, you cannot discover the purpose of your life and you won’t find the strength to excel beyond your circumstances. By knowing your Creator and following His guidance, you will achieve fulfillment in the pursuit of your dreams.
  2. Stay focused: Many people live a mediocre life because they let circumstances around them make them jump out of the wagon of their dreams. Life’s obstacles should fuel your desire to achieve your dreams, not surrender them. When you are focusing on your dream, even your failures serve as momentums to success.
  3. Be patient: Nowadays, people tend to microwave everything, even their way to success. Following and accomplishing your dream requires time, effort and dedication. Therefore you have to be patient, knowing that God’s timing is different from yours.
  4. Be true to yourself: When you are true to yourself, you know who you are, your belief and values. You don’t let other people’s opinions influence your life and your decisions. You know your flaws, accept yourself for who you are, and always take responsibility for your actions. By being true to yourself, you spend less time worrying about other people’s view of you or pretending to be someone else, and more time focusing on your dreams.
  5. Be humbled: Sometimes we let pride get into our heads and take credit for the things we’ve accomplished. Nonetheless, one thing we need to be reminded of is that we rarely achieve anything all on our own; someway, somehow we’ve been helped and more importantly we need to recognize that our talents are gifts from God. Being humbled is to grant access to others to enjoy your success and celebrate with you.
  6. Be thankful: Learning to appreciate everything that life has to offer will go a long way towards a happy and fulfilled life. Don’t be thankful only when things are good and going your way, but be thankful also when they are not good. Everything happens for a reason, so instead of wasting time and energy in being angry and complaining, just close your eyes, take a deep breath and thank God.
  7. Take time for yourself: In the pursuit of your dream, don’t let pressure and frustration wear you out. Sometimes you need to step back to take time to reconnect, re-evaluate and relax in order to enjoy your success when it comes.
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Myrlande E. Sauveur was born in Haiti. She came to the United States when she was 17 years old to further her education. She started writing poetry and short stories at a very early age. Some of her writings won national recognition back in her homeland. Although she had a passion for and excelled in writing, she never major in English literature or communication in college. She obtained her MBA in Business Management from Strayer University and kept writing on the side as her main hobby and a place to escape when life became too overwhelming.

In August 2009, she was recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership and excellence in marketing. She is the author of Daily Spiritual Vitamins and Minerals for Your Soul and is the 2013 Readers Favorite International Bronze Medal Recipient in the Christian Devotional/Bible study. In early December 2013, she was voted the Grand Prize Winner of 2013/2014 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading contest hosted by the Authors Show. She recently received a Gold Medal from the 2013 Illumination Book Awards “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books”.

She is a health and wellness consultant, teaching people how to live a healthy and well-balanced life. She is the co-founder of Dorcas Foundation, a nonprofit organization that focuses on helping Haitian college students and women in the community.

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    1. Such a great Pearls of Wisdom. The number 7 pearl of wisdom ” Take Time For Yourself” makes me think of a great saying I learned which say ” Anyone have to bounce but do not break for when things go wrong,you can bounce but do not break.I feel it is very important in life when we bounces, we need to step back then take time to reconnect. You really understands how to hold on to dreams and your 7 pearls of wisdom has really provided elegant tools to help people transform self – limited beliefs and habits. You have given the tools to connect people true self and their deepest passions. Your wisdom 4 ”Be True To Yourself ” can align people core values with what they are most passionate about and bring their vision of a happy and fulfilled life to reality because if somebody reveal who you truly are, they will attract the people who most complement their life.I love your 7 pearls of wisdom for your have taken a lot of information and boil them down to the essential in a way that makes it extremely easy to follow. Your talks are nothing short of inspiring. ~ El Haji Nero

    2. What an inspiring guide! Thank you Myrlande for this post. I’m sure you’re touching a lot of people’s lives and I thank God for this.

  1. Number one is exactly where it should be; # 1. With Christ in our hearts everything else “should” fall into place, we’re such stubborn creatures that many times we have to be reminded on how to live a more peaceful and productive life. Thank you for the beautiful reminder in these pearls of wisdom!

  2. Myrlande, what can I say that you have not said in your 500 words of wisdom. My very best to you in all your endeavors, and may the Good Lord keep guiding and watching over you and yours.

  3. I love this article, I find out if I take each step for day of the week, every week of my life will be meaningful. Thank you Myrlande, your wisdom is a deep well of blessing!

  4. This is a great resource and reminder. It is so very easy to lose sight of one of these seven pearls, if not more. Myrlande, thank you for continuing to be inspired and generous in sharing your impartation of your experiences in life with the Lord. Many more blessings to you!!!

  5. create site and great wisdom ..
    makes me also think about the (50 Golden Rules for Afulfilled and Happy LIfe) by Marx A. MD
    wish you all a wonderful day and lovely day

  6. That’s amazing! Your words have uplifted my spirits today. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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