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Pastor BJ is the founder and visionary of WOP, Words of Wisdom Ministries, Co-founder of Vision Alliance School Ministerial Institute. She utilizes her communication skills by hosting Walking In Power Blog Talk Radio, as well as being the Executive Editor and founder of The Acts of Women of Power Magazine. She’s found on most social outlets. Pastor BJ also writes a monthly blog, The Lady Is a Leader.

Pastor BJ is quite humorous and enjoys a hearty laugh; with the seriousness of her assignment, this is a great component to her lifestyle. Pastor BJ is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel; operating with power in the five-fold ministry.

She is married and in love with her high school sweetheart, Pastor Marion Relefourd for over 33 years, she has 2 children (Keith & Kia) a daughter-in-love (Karisha), three grandchildren (KaShayla, Kadin, Kelin) and a miniature schnauzer Jack.

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The Art of Authenticity

The words I would like to leave to humanity are walk in your own authenticity. While this may sound elementary, as I have walked through several phases of my journey, I realized I lost valuable time not being completely authentic. I am aware the growing process had a vast impact upon the way I viewed and perceived myself. However, decisions I made based on the environment, and peers caused me to present a facade which was not my character nor my stature. Authenticity to me is the ability to reach within myself and expose even to myself, my triumphs and…

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