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The words I would like to leave to humanity are walk in your own authenticity. While this may sound elementary, as I have walked through several phases of my journey, I realized I lost valuable time not being completely authentic. I am aware the growing process had a vast impact upon the way I viewed and perceived myself. However, decisions I made based on the environment, and peers caused me to present a facade which was not my character nor my stature.

Authenticity to me is the ability to reach within myself and expose even to myself, my triumphs and my tribulation. My time of cheers and my time of fears, embracing those different seasons in my life and growing and learning from each of them.

Experience has been one of the greatest and dearest instructors in my life. However, the knowledge I gained from mishaps, and calamities in this phase of my life produces wisdom and keen insight I didn’t possess as a younger adult. I would want the life lessons for each of you to be filled with equations and answers to address your authenticity. I wish for you to listen to your own brilliance, prayerfully much sooner than I.

What really matters is having the heart to empathize with others and to live a life which expresses the genuine gift within me. This is the reason I live a “no condemnation” life, and I have the gift to sense and empathize with many. I recall the roads of my journey which were less than favorable, and I was given this great second opportunity to learn from error and share with others so that they, too, can do the same.

A key component is to understand, and actually celebrate what doesn’t matter. By doing so we take back our authority to make the decision as to what enters our life and what doesn’t. It is of non-value to attempt to prove to anyone your self- worth or significance. I have also learned that it doesn’t matter whether my wisdom is accepted or not. My assignment is to present it, and trust that it becomes a beneficial tool in someone’s life.

I would leave these words and, prayerfully, they would be beneficial and profitable to at least one person. I would pray that it would be known that I made a positive difference when I entered, that I remained long enough, and I exited in a manner which displayed love, respect and wisdom.

“She gave her best, she lived her best life, and she encourages you to do the same.”

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Pastor BJ is the founder and visionary of WOP, Words of Wisdom Ministries, Co-founder of Vision Alliance School Ministerial Institute. She utilizes her communication skills by hosting Walking In Power Blog Talk Radio, as well as being the Executive Editor and founder of The Acts of Women of Power Magazine. She’s found on most social outlets. Pastor BJ also writes a monthly blog, The Lady Is a Leader.

Pastor BJ is quite humorous and enjoys a hearty laugh; with the seriousness of her assignment, this is a great component to her lifestyle. Pastor BJ is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel; operating with power in the five-fold ministry.

She is married and in love with her high school sweetheart, Pastor Marion Relefourd for over 33 years, she has 2 children (Keith & Kia) a daughter-in-love (Karisha), three grandchildren (KaShayla, Kadin, Kelin) and a miniature schnauzer Jack.

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  1. Beautiful and heartfelt! However I must say I began reading your article not at the first typed word but at seeing your beautiful smiling face at the top right corner of the page. Your smile is your authenticity and it has been consistent in every conversation, message, post, article, photo and press collateral extended to the general public. To your profound point of being young and not so true to yourself (I agree many of us are guilty- society makes us that way) but no matter who you pretended to be “that” authentic “thing” that makes you smile comes from within the heart and God gave it to you at birth. He simply took you on the journey to prove it would always remain true even through the worst if times! Well you proved it and you’re still smiling, encouraging other to do the same! I’m grateful for the 10 plus years I’ve know your smile and that it has been consistently warm and yes I’ll say it: Authentic!

  2. Thank you for your inspiring article. Many of us have put on false faces and pretended to be something we are not. Often in an effort to please others, I believe most of us have not revealed our true selves. How easy it is to exaggerate or only offer a portion of the whole truth. It has taken me many years and a life threatening illness to realize how important it is to, “walk in your own authenticity.”

  3. Thank you for sharing such an eye opening writing. We so often get lost in our surroundings and we begin to take on the the cover of those surroundings. This is a clear reminder that we are to individually be a part of the creation of our surroundings. It takes some of us a bit longer than others to come to the realization of what really matters. Understanding and embracing the gift of God’s Grace launches one into the realm of liberty and freedom that reflects such a love for self, as well as a love for all creation. Ahhh, when we value our uniqueness and individuality, we then realize the importance of true authenticity. I am so glad to know that you, Dr. Relefoud, have embraced your unique value and made the decision, and it is a decision…to walk in POWER, the power of your true authenticity…simply put, Chose to BE REAL!!

  4. What an absolutely amazing and wisdom-filled article! You have journeyed deep into your own authentic essence and drawn front the well of experience to shine the Light of godly wisdom upon this pathway of destiny.
    God created each of us as unique, authentic vessels and it dims/cheapens his creative genius when we attempt to become an imitation of someone or something other than who or what He created us to be.
    Thank you for encouraging/influecing, teaching us to embrace our own authenticity by being a living epistle of the same!
    I readily decree that my life is definitely blessed for having the love of our Father consis entry channeled through your authentic uniqueness.

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