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A life full of happiness and success can be yours. All you have to do is simply take a few moments each and every day to remember and to live by these words: “The greater your personal clarity, the greater your quality of life.”

If you aren’t clear about who you are, and why you are here, it is going to be very tempting and very easy in today’s fast-paced world for you to be perpetually off-balanced. Remember, it’s easy to be busy, instead of being productive. It’s easy to be hurried, and miss out on being happy.

So to stay in balance and to be the most productive (and happy) that you that you can be, take a few moments to enjoy and explore some personal clarity. Here is a simple formula that will transform your life.

Stop. Rest. Take the time to be still. 

Stop. Take the time to discover simply that you are. Because once you discover that you simply are, you will begin to discover what it is that you are here to do.

Rest. Embrace the stillness of the universe. Enjoy the silence that gives birth to every moment. Take the time to listen – not just to the words of others, but to the calling that comes from within. That calling from within, that whispering voice, that gentle tug to explore, to discover, to express something wonderful and unique – that is the real you.

Take the time to be still. Take the time to honor you, and to honor us, by living your vision, by responding to this gentle tug, by listening to this whispering voice. The voice of spirit whispers softly inside you, so softly that it is missed by many.

But if for just a few moments a day, you choose to stop, to be still, and to listen…

And if you choose to live life according to this call of spirit…

You will be embracing the love and the light that you are. You will be more fully living the life you were meant to. And you will be remembered by many, not because of what you accomplished or because of what you have done….

You will be remembered by many, because you lived your life fully, by living your vision and you will have inspired them to do the same.

Stop. Be still. Listen.

Take a few moments every morning to remember who and what you are. Take a few moments every evening to notice if you have been following your dreams. And take a few moments every night to dream, to dance with the stars, to remember more of your inner vision and to awaken to your destiny.

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Mr Twenty Twenty was in the US headlines in 1989: the worst prison riots in the US, he was a guard- taken prisoner, tied up and beaten to death and brought back to life.

His spiritual journey has led him to travel the world to study, teach and hold retreats that change lives. He legally changed his name to the number of perfect vision - to spread the word about living your personal vision.

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  1. mahalo for your clear vision … clear statement … clear guidance… pure and simple and clear … brilliant!!

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