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Bob Burg speaks at corporate, sales, and leadership conferences worldwide. Four of his books have combined to sell well over a million copies. His most popular book is The Go-Giver. Coauthored with John David Mann and translated into 22 languages, it is the heartwarming story of an up-and-coming but very frustrated young business person named Joe who learns how a very slight shift in focus can make a huge difference in both one’s personal and professional success. Burg’s newest book – which he considers his most important book yet – is, Adversaries into Allies. If you’ve ever wanted a fun and simple way to dramatically improve your people skills and ability to influence others in a kind, ethical, compassionate and truly win/win fashion, this book is for you.

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5 Principles For A Successful Life

There is no one all-encompassing secret that will magically transform a person into a raging success. However, there are a number of basic principles that, when followed and applied consistently, will indeed create the environment for a person to live an abundant, successful life - however one personally defines that term. Here are just a few of what I feel are the most powerful: Acknowledge things as they are, not as you wish they were. Please don’t confuse that with a lack of vision or being satisfied with the status quo, two things I strongly advise against. Just understand that…

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