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There is no one all-encompassing secret that will magically transform a person into a raging success. However, there are a number of basic principles that, when followed and applied consistently, will indeed create the environment for a person to live an abundant, successful life – however one personally defines that term.

Here are just a few of what I feel are the most powerful:

Acknowledge things as they are, not as you wish they were. Please don’t confuse that with a lack of vision or being satisfied with the status quo, two things I strongly advise against. Just understand that before you can change something, you must acknowledge the universal Law or Principle as it is.

For example, ignoring the laws of gravity and physics wouldn’t have helped those inventing human flight. Rather, they tapped into those laws and used them as a way to manifest the effects they desired.

Acknowledge human nature as it is, not as you wish it were. Similar to the above principle, it is the difference between peace of mind and utter frustration. Understand that people will do what they believe will bring them closer to happiness, as they understand happiness, and within the choices they believe they have. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to believe that someone will willingly do what they believe is contrary to their own happiness. (Yes, even the person who gives up vast wealth in order to care for the impoverished in a third-world country does it because it’s congruent with what they believe will bring them closer to happiness.)

When you are leading, working with, or in any way relating to others, keep this principle in mind and you’ll never again have to be confused about another’s actions. (Credit to Harry Browne for his teachings on this important principle.)

Treat everyone with respect. Even more, do your best to make everyone you can feel genuinely good about themselves. Not only does it feel great because you know you’re making a difference in peoples’ lives, not coincidentally, it will also bring you much financial reward. No, that’s not why you do it; it’s simply the result.

Understand that money is simply an echo of value. Providing exceptional value must be your focus and must come first. The money you receive is a natural and direct result of the value you have provided.

Live with Gratitude. This is espoused by so many (and they are right!) that it sounds almost like a platitude. I’d like to suggest that it is the most important trait of all. Fortunately, it’s a trait that can be worked on and developed. Let’s face it, if you’re not grateful for all you have, then it really doesn’t matter what you have. And, there’s lots to be grateful for; ranging from those you love to fun toys you own…to the fact that you can see, hear, taste, touch and smell. Just imagine losing any one of those senses. Then, imagine getting it back. How grateful would you be?

Live with that type of gratitude (yes, it can take work!) and you’ll live a life of joy.

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Bob Burg speaks at corporate, sales, and leadership conferences worldwide. Four of his books have combined to sell well over a million copies. His most popular book is The Go-Giver. Coauthored with John David Mann and translated into 22 languages, it is the heartwarming story of an up-and-coming but very frustrated young business person named Joe who learns how a very slight shift in focus can make a huge difference in both one’s personal and professional success. Burg’s newest book – which he considers his most important book yet – is, Adversaries into Allies. If you’ve ever wanted a fun and simple way to dramatically improve your people skills and ability to influence others in a kind, ethical, compassionate and truly win/win fashion, this book is for you.

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  1. I think that along with these principles we can also benefit by having a relationship with our Creator and His Higher Power by listening to that small inner voice and having Faith as a foundation for all of our goals and desires.

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