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You may be familiar with Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, considered by many to be the precursor to the psychology of success programs we have today. Andrew Carnegie commissioned Hill to find out why some people are successful and others who work just as hard are not. Carnegie introduced Hill to the most successful men in the world and gave him the opportunity to question them regarding their philosophy for business and life.

Hill looked for the things that made these people different from the average working person. He shares many ideas and concepts in the book but one is at the hub: “Whatever the human mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

So much of your success is based on your belief. Do you truly believe you can make this happen or are you riddled with fears and beliefs that are holding you back? It’s natural to have fear of the unknown, we all do. The question is, are those fears stopping you from moving forward?

You must believe in your heart that you can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true. There can be no doubt or the negative energy will find you. Do not worry about the time frame, the money, the demand or any other potential obstacle. Focus your love and energy on the goal and nothing else.

When you are climbing the mountain there will be many tests. Every step moves you closer but also contains potential danger. Every set back is a temporary reminder that there is still work to be done. Once in a while you may fall off the mountain completely and have to start all over again. This is when your true belief is tested.

We all face a moment of truth in life. The question is how will you handle yours? Will you dust yourself off and try again or quit? The way you handle your moment of truth will determine the quality of life you lead. Think about this, how do you want to be remembered? Being great requires you to take risks. Anyone can be ordinary, dare to be great.

The feeling that is connected with financial success is joy. To reach you goals you must be in a state of true joy as you do your work. Do not work for money or material possessions. Work because it is what makes you happy. This is called working from the inside out and it guarantees your success.

Lastly, I would like you to show gratitude for all that you have. Through gratitude we express one of our most powerful emotions and open the flow of positive energy. Remember, you are moving closer to your dreams!

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Joe Nunziata is a best selling author, professional speaker, spiritual teacher and life & business coach. His new book Karma Buster was featured in the 2012 Academy Awards and Emmy Awards gift bags.

He has been delivering his life changing message at events and seminars since 1992. His enlightening programs are a unique blend of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and the power of internal energy.

Joe has appeared on many television and radio programs including Good Day New York and Street Talk on Fox TV, Cablevision’s News 12, Giam TV, Better TV, The Braveheart Network and various radio stations across the country.

Other books include: Spiritual Selling, Finding Your Purpose and No More 9 to 5. Other programs include: Change Your Energy/Change Your Life, No More Mental Barriers, Connecting to Your Spirit and The 7 Keys to Transformation.

You can contact Joe at by mail at Top Notch Training, 5405 Alton Parkway, Suite 395, Irvine, CA 92604; by email at [email protected], by phone at 949-679-0051; and online at

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