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Bob Doyle is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, which is an online curriculum in the Law of Attraction, since 2002.

Bob's primary goal has been to make the Law of Attraction principles understandable and accessible to people from all backgrounds and belief systems, with an emphasis on de-mystifying this often misunderstood subject. You might have also seen Bob featured as one of the teachers in the film, "The Secret", which also focuses on the Law of Attraction.

Bob has a background in broadcasting, writing, music composition, and audio production, and has combined all of this experience to create a multimedia learning experience that allows even the most analytic and skeptical people gain more insight into exactly how the Universe brings things in and out of our lives.

With a focus on helping a person discover their sense of purpose and passion, Bob teaches people how to align themselves with the lives they truly  want to live, and attract the resources they  need, financial and otherwise, to live their lives by their own design, free of the limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that generally keep people "stuck".


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Design Your Ideal Life

You truly have the power to live your life by design. This concept of "creating your reality" is not just some "personal development" idea designed to create a sense of empowerment or give people a positive outlook, though it has been used in that way. What changed my life, however, was finally seeing the Truth that we - consciously or not - are at the cause of our experience, pleasant or unpleasant. I see people wasting years of their lives trying to find the reasons "out there" as to why things aren't going how they wish they were. I did…

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