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You truly have the power to live your life by design.

This concept of “creating your reality” is not just some “personal development” idea designed to create a sense of empowerment or give people a positive outlook, though it has been used in that way. What changed my life, however, was finally seeing the Truth that we – consciously or not – are at the cause of our experience, pleasant or unpleasant.

I see people wasting years of their lives trying to find the reasons “out there” as to why things aren’t going how they wish they were. I did the same thing. What I didn’t realize was that there was this force at work called the Law of Attraction. Because I was so focused on the “problems” and other areas of dissatisfaction in my life, I was a vibrational match for more of the same.

If there is any one piece of knowledge that I would like people to fully understand is that each and every one of us can create our lives by design by simply understanding that we attract into our experience those things with which we’re in vibrational resonance. THIS is the true description of how the Law of Attraction is working.

If we continue to choose to relinquish our power to create our experience by putting the blame for our circumstances “out there”, we have little hope of living a fully empowered life. Taking responsibility (not blame) for what we’ve attracted is the first and most powerful step to attracting something else – something more in alignment with our sense of purpose and passion.

However for many of us, it’s vitally important to integrate the Law of Attraction as TRUTH, and not just “concept” – because the Universe is responding to our vibration, which is affected by our beliefs and our emotions which are running at an unconscious level. If we’re simply “saying” that we believe that we attract our experience, but at some level are resisting this as truth, then we will not be able to realize our power to shape our experience as powerfully as possible.

Allowing myself to see how the Law of Attraction was at work in my life at a time where things weren’t necessarily going very well, was the most transformative experience of my life. When I could be fully honest with myself that my experience was a complete and perfect vibrational match to the feelings I was perpetually carrying around, I was then able to choose different feelings…create a different vision…because I then understood the power of doing so.

If you want to change your life, first change the vision that you have for yourself and bask in the wonderful feelings that vision evokes. When you do that consistently, the Universe has no choice but to respond to your vibration, and deliver to you anything and everything you most passionately desire.

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Bob Doyle is the creator and facilitator of the Wealth Beyond Reason program, which is an online curriculum in the Law of Attraction, since 2002.

Bob's primary goal has been to make the Law of Attraction principles understandable and accessible to people from all backgrounds and belief systems, with an emphasis on de-mystifying this often misunderstood subject. You might have also seen Bob featured as one of the teachers in the film, "The Secret", which also focuses on the Law of Attraction.

Bob has a background in broadcasting, writing, music composition, and audio production, and has combined all of this experience to create a multimedia learning experience that allows even the most analytic and skeptical people gain more insight into exactly how the Universe brings things in and out of our lives.

With a focus on helping a person discover their sense of purpose and passion, Bob teaches people how to align themselves with the lives they truly  want to live, and attract the resources they  need, financial and otherwise, to live their lives by their own design, free of the limiting beliefs or negative thought patterns that generally keep people "stuck".


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