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Brian D. Ridgway helps people, mostly entrepreneurs and change-makers, to eliminate the ‘illusion of problems’ and access “Infinite Intelligence” – ever-present guidance and limitless power - to create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and WORLD of their dreams. Most of his clients are people who have already invested years (or decades) in personal development with limited results. Brian’s method of ‘core paradigm clearing’ creates massive life and business results where nothing else has. (Including literal miracles.*) The Story After a ‘painful’ childhood, Brian entered the business world with extremely low self-esteem and self-destructive beliefs and behaviors. He generated over $161 Million in documented revenue for clients in over 70 industries - but made and lost his own fortune not once, but 7 times. Along the way, desperately trying to create ‘a life that worked’, Brian invested over $300,000 into every type of personal dev, self-help, belief-elimination, behavior modification, shamanic study, meditation system, Law of Attraction and Transformational Education products, seminars, DVD and programs he could find. The result? He ended up at age 46 homeless, hopeless, desperate and suicidal. Stuck in a desperate situation in a run-down, one-room hotel with 2-children, a pregnant wife and no idea of where his next meal was coming from, he experienced what he calls ‘a literal Miracle’. His decades of personal growth, awakening, Law of Attraction, Spiritual studies and money/business/success courses all came together in one flash – and he was shown the ‘Four Pre-existing Paradigms’ of self-help and personal growth and the self-limiting “booby-trap” running through all of them. In this ONE blast, he was given ‘The Level 5 Paradigm’, which he now shares with worldwide audiences.

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What Would You Like to Experience Now?

Effortless endless miracles are your birthright. Your nature. Infinite Being projects out of eternity into the dream of time and space for one purpose only: to have experience. At the level of Eternity, there is no change, no movement, no experience. So, You chose to project into time and space - all of the contrasts and dualities. You chose to experience 'limitation'. The illusion of danger, death and problems. You chose to experience a seeming world full of 'institutionalized' energies: religious, spiritual, medical, governmental, educational, cultural 'pre-existing' systems that would limit your freedom and options. All so you could have…

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