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Effortless endless miracles are your birthright. Your nature.

Infinite Being projects out of eternity into the dream of time and space for one purpose only: to have experience. At the level of Eternity, there is no change, no movement, no experience.

So, You chose to project into time and space – all of the contrasts and dualities. You chose to experience ‘limitation’. The illusion of danger, death and problems.

You chose to experience a seeming world full of ‘institutionalized’ energies: religious, spiritual, medical, governmental, educational, cultural ‘pre-existing’ systems that would limit your freedom and options. All so you could have experience. You had to leave your infinite power and insight and ‘magic’ at the door. If you had brought it, the illusion of limitation would be impossible.

You chose to ‘create’ and experience parents/family/ancestry, with all of the programming, beliefs, conditioning and ‘stuff’ that comes with it. Lessons, gifts and experiences that would convince you even more fully of your separation from All That Is. Pain, fear, sadness, loneliness, distance, confusion and hopelessness that can ONLY be experienced in the dream of Time and Space.

As a baby, you were filled with your sensory observation of the ‘seeming Gods and Goddesses’ around you. You lay there, unable to walk or talk or even get a drink without screaming for it, as you watched those incredible beings walk, talk, eat and drink, drive and go about the most magical activities. So, obviously, whatever they said, felt and shared MUST be real and true. So, with each idea, feeling, statement and command they brought to you, your response was, “I’ll buy that”.

And you did. You bought it with your ‘energy of creation’ – your trust, belief and faith.

With your faith, your trust, your belief, you ACCEPTED as TRUTH whatever they said. About everything. About life, death, money, sex, relationships, ‘how men are’, ‘how women are’, truth and lies, business/success/failure, etc… including about YOU. What and who are you. Where you are from. Where you will go. What is possible and impossible.

And you ‘bought’ it all. Completely. So much so that your faith was fully invested. Your ability to create ANYTHING in life was turned into very specific and narrow pathways or ‘acceptability’ and possibility.

And this is very good news.

When you realize this, suddenly you can undo everything you have done. You can return every thing you ‘bought’, recapturing your ‘energy of creation’, your faith, to direct it again into ONLY that which you prefer to experience.

You can ask “what do I believe to be true on this topic’ (any topic), becoming AWARE of it and then choose to ‘unbuy’ it by asking, “what would I prefer to be true about this” and feeling the feelings you would feel if it were true.

You can literally remake your body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and WORLD by cashing in the chips of faith and investing them in that which you prefer. By redirecting this energy of faith/belief, you can rapidly step in the experience you desire.

It works. It always works. You can release and abolish anything you do not prefer. Today. Here now.

You are Here Now for Experience. So begin by asking, “What would I most prefer to experience now?”, and watch your world respond.

It is all about experience.

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Brian D. Ridgway helps people, mostly entrepreneurs and change-makers, to eliminate the ‘illusion of problems’ and access “Infinite Intelligence” – ever-present guidance and limitless power - to create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and WORLD of their dreams. Most of his clients are people who have already invested years (or decades) in personal development with limited results. Brian’s method of ‘core paradigm clearing’ creates massive life and business results where nothing else has. (Including literal miracles.*) The Story After a ‘painful’ childhood, Brian entered the business world with extremely low self-esteem and self-destructive beliefs and behaviors. He generated over $161 Million in documented revenue for clients in over 70 industries - but made and lost his own fortune not once, but 7 times. Along the way, desperately trying to create ‘a life that worked’, Brian invested over $300,000 into every type of personal dev, self-help, belief-elimination, behavior modification, shamanic study, meditation system, Law of Attraction and Transformational Education products, seminars, DVD and programs he could find. The result? He ended up at age 46 homeless, hopeless, desperate and suicidal. Stuck in a desperate situation in a run-down, one-room hotel with 2-children, a pregnant wife and no idea of where his next meal was coming from, he experienced what he calls ‘a literal Miracle’. His decades of personal growth, awakening, Law of Attraction, Spiritual studies and money/business/success courses all came together in one flash – and he was shown the ‘Four Pre-existing Paradigms’ of self-help and personal growth and the self-limiting “booby-trap” running through all of them. In this ONE blast, he was given ‘The Level 5 Paradigm’, which he now shares with worldwide audiences.

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    1. Amazing message, Brian. I’ve been following you for years and thank you so much for opening my eyes to all the abundance that is available to me, if I only claim it. Don’t know anyone else as giving and loving as you. Aloha, sweet friend. <3

  1. hey brian

    i call it “defragging my computer”….ive been a child, ive raised a child, now im “re-raising” myself, just as you described above…

    feels great!! is great!!


  2. Potent message Brian! Is rather counter-culture as one of the lessons we “bought” is to play victim a lot and to look outside ourselves and blame others for the quality of our lives. That we can return what we “bought” and recreate our lives is a radical idea, and one whose time has come. The return department in the cosmic store is still open. Love it!

  3. Thanks for sharing! And what an amazing place to be! Knowing were only stuck like a stick on the rivers edge! That has stuck in my head the most! Thanks

  4. Brian, good, succinct article on the essence of Level 5.
    I’ve found, at age 70 now, that for me it’s easier said than done.
    I’m still “mostly struggling” with “all that”. somehow & for some reason I
    haven’t unlocked, let go of, exchanged, or whatever it takes to get from
    unwanted experiences to creative flow.
    I’m still trying to get the “key in the hole” so to speak.
    I’m Expecting a break through every day but sure don’t want nor expect to
    have to hit rock bottom like you & many others did before break through.

    1. Margaret,
      Perhaps the ‘idea’ that says, “at 70, it is harder” is the only real issue here. You are the Cosmic Child, the ONE, free of anything you do not choose to hold on to.

      Can anything stick to light?

      They do not hold you, love. You are holding them. Ask yourself about the infinite possibilities that exist, in this very moment, for you to find yourself free and flowing as you were before you bought all of those bags full of stuff.

      You can do it.


      1. Thank you Brian. I usually don’t write. I’m so glad I did because you answered with perfect words and pictures.
        Yes, Nothing Sticks To LIGHT, and I AM Simply LIGHT. The real struggle is the trying to hold on to the dark spots
        that don’t even want to stay. The ease is to turn loose – the struggle is to hold on – wow – how amazing!

        1. Hey Margaret, as always great insight from Brian, and I want to add that age has absolutely nothing to do with it. Society wanted to sell me a bill of goods that said that I was 68 years old, and if that were not enough they added “decline” into the mix. But, since that idea did not work for me, I ignored all of that stuff. Further, since it is so-called “my age”, I decided to choose the one that works best for me. I decided to go with the essence of who I my, which is pure Love (Light). And since my True Essence is ageless, that is the one that I have chosen. The ‘problem’ so to speak is that it’s all so simple. So much so, that we feel this compelling need to complicate it, and here’s the most amazing part, IT’S ALREADY DONE. Everything that we could possibly want is already available to us in Consciousness (Awareness), Given that, we don’t have to make it happen, we only need to make it welcome, and we do that by feeling good, by any means necessary. Feeling good automatically puts us in the receiving mode, and the Laws of the Universe respond accordingly. I have never felt happier and healthier in my entire life, and I have people like Brian to thank for this amazing discovery. So Margaret, let’s just do this thing!!! Big love

  5. love you, Ridgway; and how you bottom-lined, here, your knowing. Brian is for real; when he speaks – listen, feel, and allow the truth to resonate. he WILL change your journey.

    1. Thank you, so much, Laura, for this sweet and beautiful comment. I really appreciate that. This system is not letting me see your identity, but apparently, we know each other. Aloha!

    1. Hanna, with all infinite respect, you are there now.
      Find and feel that aspect of you.

      YOU can’t ‘get there’. Ever. You are there and you are that.

      Close your eyes, go within and ask, with all your presence, “How do I feel being there now?” Really allow the answer to speak and elevate you.

  6. It’s a beautiful message, I feel like this is a really awesome and inspiring way of describing life! I am here to have experience and so what I would like to experience now? And You? (sorry if I wrote something not perfectly english, English is not my first language!) Namaste Brian and Love to all

  7. Love it, love it, love it! Now if I could only overcome almost 60 years of brainwashing and live that life. Thanks, Brian. Will try.

  8. It’s certainly written to appeal to the rebel, the thrill-seeker, the experiencer, the traveler, the Artist, the free spirit…. and not to the trained, conditioned, status quo, conventional wisdom, physiotherapist, the doctor following traditions, rules, procedures, laws… it is rather like the 1960s San Francisco, wear some flowers in your hair, Dr Timothy Leary liberating message of infinite opening consciousness. Do we still have to play a constructive social role within existing social institutions, Brian? Are we breaking down structures and institutions and roaming around seeking thrilling experiences??

    1. My friend, this is written to YOU. To every ONE. I’m calling to the thrillseeker, the thrillKNOWER in the trained, status quo, conventional wisdom living, physiotherapist, tradition-following Dr., etc.

      No flowers required.

      No, we don’t have to play any roles. And that doesn’t mean there is any destruction.

      Story of the Universe: Energy comes into form, passes through form and goes out of form.


      All structures are sand castles made of stardust.

      When we realize this, we are not “breaking down structures and roaming around seeking thrilling experiences”.
      We are finding the thrilling experiences in ALL building and tearing down of all structures.


  9. In John 14 Jesus says “greater things will you do… “. He meant greater than anything he ever did.
    I have always known this to be the truth and very litetally possible. All we need is the belief that it is so. In the bible this is by proxy, but it is really the way this universe works.
    Brian’s message is old and wise. As it is with wisdom it is very simple but seldom easy.

  10. This is REALLY good: “suddenly you can undo everything you have done. You can return every thing you ‘bought’, recapturing your ‘energy of creation’, your faith, to direct it again into ONLY that which you prefer to experience…”
    I can ‘undo’ every experience I’ve created, now aware of how I’m using my subtle ENERGIES of Creation! Eyes on heavenly love.

  11. Hi Brian,
    I fully believe and invest my faith into creating a more positive and productive experience with each new day. I have been knocked all the way down in life and seem to be transiting through a sort of black hole at the moment. Regardless of how many set backs I can feel the positive onset of change just around the corner. I remain as positive as I am able having calmed my mind and looked beyond the illusion into the dream. I am focused on creating a remarkable miracle that will totally set me free it seems time is the only thing that stands in the way.

    Brightest blessings,


    1. Richard, may I offer a different, and infinitely more empowering perspective?

      What IF there are no ‘setbacks’?
      What if there is no ‘black hole’?

      What is EVERYTHING happening is all PURE LOVE radiating and bringing experiences that are catapulting you at light speed into the life of your dreams?

      What if it is the iIDEAS of ‘setback’ and ‘black hole, not ‘time; in between you and the miracle you desire to experience?



  12. Fabulously well put, Brian! Empowering & thought provoking.
    It’s so easy to forget that it is all just about asking “What would I most prefer to experience now?”
    I’m proud & grateful to be a fan & a friend, ROCK ON!!

  13. WOw Brian, I’m glad I am Hearing what you are saying!!
    Some can hear and some have no hearing!
    Moving forward, you are directing so many! I love your music! Keep up the good works!! I’m listening!!

  14. Dear Brian,

    the 2 most important premises you build on are not explained here (albeit in 500 words I appreciate that that’s really probably impossible) – but it would be great to know the grounds for how you understand people are “infinite and unlimited”, and the grounds for deciding/choosing the “why” we are here – ie your belief these beings came into the world for the experience. I understand that you think this is the best answer, but compared to what? Hope this is constructive.

  15. Dear Brian, Great work. Living from the wonderful question “What would I most prefer to experience now?” is awesome. It is concentrating what it is all about to be present and still create the new moment with love and light from the hearts desire. I am going to test the question out during the day! Beautiful, Thank you, Annelise

  16. Enjoyed the article, Brian. Gave me much to think about. By redirecting your energy to the faith/belief realm, you can be, do and have anything in life that you desire.

  17. Brian this paradigm shift that appears on the surface so easy (because it is) still feels so illusive to those of us that still are holding onto some aspects of ourselves that really do not serve us. So frustrating to really know this to be true the blocks that just are so much in ones way that they have done so much to hold us so far away from our most perfect selves. Not really understanding what they are that are at the root that must appear so real that stop me from having more amazing experiences or experiencing a lean healthy body, for myself almost is to much at times. Yet, for some reason I wake up another day to experience that which is in front of me in this moment and do so happily most of the time. Thank you for your drive and willingness to put yourself out there for those of us who see you as a mentor and a friend. Namaste’

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