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With a fresh, savvy business approach to life, personal strategist & TV personality Charly Emery, is an expert at “recycling” your experiences into tools that boost your results in every area of your life. All about efficiency, Charly is coveted for her swift, modern and effective approach. She is the author of Thank Goodness You Dumped His A** - Use Those Mr. Wrongs to Lead You Straight to Mr. Right. In it she delivers a straightforward business strategy that empowers women to own who they are in and out of the dating and relationship process so they can successfully attract the relationships they crave with power.

A natural on camera, Charly's raw intuitive and strategic skill combined with her life experience are rapidly making her star rise in the realms of self-help and entertainment. Most recently Charly brings her cutting edge coaching skills to television in the new reality series, "Opening Act," which debuts on E! network in July, 2012.

Charly possesses a background in corporate consulting, personal development, and most significantly, life experience. A trauma survivor herself, she’s successfully transformed virtually every aspect of her life. With a solution-oriented focus, Charly intuitively pinpoints the root causes behind your results with extraordinary skill and speed, before creating clear cut strategies for swiftly generating the outcomes you desire most. “Put Yourself First” is the message that permeates her work, and with a personal life resume, which includes healing and transforming every aspect of her life, Charly speaks directly from life experience. She has a flair for keeping it simple, direct and effective so you get the scoop you need to create the storyline you want for your life pronto.

Based in Southern California Charly balances her time working with clients, lending her personality for on-camera projects, speaking engagements and appearances.

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Today’s Brilliance from Charly Emery

No matter what you've endured in life, you can "recycle" your experiences into tools and stepping stones that propel you forward faster and simultaneously bounce your baggage to the curb. If you've ever felt consumed by your choices or challenges, I know how you feel. In my late teens I suffered two incidences of rape that left me emotionally scraping and crawling through a sea of shame and assumptions about what my life could then be. I left the college education I worked so hard to achieve and hid my secrets within a marriage while packing on an extra 50…

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