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Cyndi Dale has been a natural intuitive since birth and now uses these gifts to help others see themselves in their true light. The bestselling author of over 14 books, her book, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, has won four publisher's awards, including the coveted Golden Nautilus. Her other book, The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, is translated in over 14 languages.

Having clocked over 35,000 client hours, she also leads energy medicine and spiritual gift training programs for people worldwide.

Her favorite activities? Traveling to various cultures and attending mom activities to include every sport every invented. 

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Kundalini: Ignite Your Fire & Light

Are you ready for passion and dance? To sense, feel, and embrace prosperity, joy, and health? Kundalini is the flame of life. Once ignited, it can burst your life into the song it is meant to be. This six-part e-course from Cyndi Dale and Chantal Monte will connect you to your own kundalini power source and through it, your divine spirit. When beckoned upward into the physical body, kundalini - shakti - clears the obstructions in your body, chakras, and soul, dissolving what lies between you and the future dreamed before birth. Changes occur right away, as you move through topics including chakras and kundalini, the breath, the dance of consciousness, the illusion, and the love of body. Express--love--kiss--sleep--even speak from the place of kundalini; come all the way into yourself starting with this course.

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Take Action From The Heart!

The key to a good life is simply to do the right thing. It sounds easy, doesn't it? It isn't always. Think of how often it's been safer to do nothing instead of something, to ignore the voice of conscience and go with the crowd (especially that person in the crowd carrying a big stick.) Think, too, of how many times you did the right thing. Costs might have ranged from loss of ease and reputation to challenges in finances, relationships, or at work. Doing the right thing is always worth it though, because, in the end, all that counts is whether…

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All Love Is Great Love

We often overlook the life's most important messages in lieu of the enormous. It's as if there's a universal rule that bigger is better—and not only in context of Blue Plate specials or paychecks. So often, I've paid the most attention to preachers with big congregations or clothing stores featuring the most famous designers. But wisdom doesn't come in only one size, or even in Large or Extra Large. One of my greatest teachers wouldn't have fit in an Extra Small, in fact. Speedy the mealworm wasn't very big. He wasn't especially brilliant. He wasn't even very appetizing—unless, of course,…

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