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The key to a good life is simply to do the right thing.

It sounds easy, doesn’t it? It isn’t always. Think of how often it’s been safer to do nothing instead of something, to ignore the voice of conscience and go with the crowd (especially that person in the crowd carrying a big stick.)

Think, too, of how many times you did the right thing. Costs might have ranged from loss of ease and reputation to challenges in finances, relationships, or at work.

Doing the right thing is always worth it though, because, in the end, all that counts is whether you have lived from your heart, the dazzling, brilliant you that is made of love.

If your actions come from your heart, at some point, your life will transform to match your real self.

That’s the “secret” to The Secret.

Even physically, your heart is an incredible organ. It’s composed of nerve cells, which communicate internally and externally. It manufactures hormones, including “love hormones” that enables bonding. It’s the source material for your pineal gland, an organ that illuminates higher consciousness and bodily healing.

It also generates 5,000 times more magnetic activity than does your brain, creating a cushion of protection, as well as a field that connects you with everything and everyone across time. Most important, your heart represents your spiritual self, which is wrapped around your conscience, the part of your consciousness that knows the right thing.

Doing the right thing is not about being moralistic. It’s about doing what will create more love in any given situation.

You see the only reason we come to this planet is to create more love than is already here. The “right thing” is simply the sharing of love from your heart.

Even when it seems like there is nothing to do, you can always share love. Always. And when we express the love in our hearts? Why, science is proving that everything in our bodies coordinates and operates in health. As well, our lives improve in every way—financially, relationally, and more.

The ancient Egyptians believed that at death the weight of a soul was compared to the weight of a feather. If your soul were lighter than that of a feather’s you would continue to greater places and spaces. Why wait to enjoy heaven until death?

This lightness of being comes, quite simply, from being one’s great and loving self in every moment; from doing the “right thing” to create love from our hearts. It comes from being the pearl that you are.

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Cyndi Dale has been a natural intuitive since birth and now uses these gifts to help others see themselves in their true light. The bestselling author of over 14 books, her book, The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy, has won four publisher's awards, including the coveted Golden Nautilus. Her other book, The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, is translated in over 14 languages.

Having clocked over 35,000 client hours, she also leads energy medicine and spiritual gift training programs for people worldwide.

Her favorite activities? Traveling to various cultures and attending mom activities to include every sport every invented. 

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