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Daniel Lewis is the funky- bowtie wearing founder of the modern, award winning tea company T By Daniel Inc. His crazy outlook on business and his Willy Wonka-like retail tactics have garnered him and his company nation wide recognition and many awards and honours. Daniel's success with his retail tea brand have landed him a new exciting title as one of 3 Global Entrepreneurship Week Ambassadors for Canada and also paved the way for him to launch TheMillionearsClub. "How to get the attention of a million ears without being a millionaire!"
After being a victim of a nearly fatal stabbing, (where Daniel was stabbed 5 times) he decided to make the best of his second shot at life by turning a bitter situation into an opportunity to help impact and inspire the lives of others in a special way, using a tea business as the means to do it. This is the motivation behind the tea company and the man, Daniel Lewis.

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The Joys of Discomfort

One of the greatest words I have ever discovered and one of the main contributing factors to my personal growth is discomfort. The opposite of discomfort is contentment, which in many ways can be the "killer of dreams and aspirations," because it somehow convinces you that you have arrived in a "safe place" and you should have enough common sense to remain there. I was at that place of contentment in my life. In fact it was more like I had decided to just accept the unfortunate cards life had handed me. I was a high school dropout, failed recording artist,…

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