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One of the greatest words I have ever discovered and one of the main contributing factors to my personal growth is discomfort. The opposite of discomfort is contentment, which in many ways can be the “killer of dreams and aspirations,” because it somehow convinces you that you have arrived in a “safe place” and you should have enough common sense to remain there.

I was at that place of contentment in my life. In fact it was more like I had decided to just accept the unfortunate cards life had handed me. I was a high school dropout, failed recording artist, victim of a nearly fatal stabbing and a warehouse worker with a youth criminal record. Sounds like a dead end doesn’t it? Luckily, discomfort set it and I was no longer comfortable accepting failure. I began to ask, what if there is more to my journey? What if there is an unwritten story that I have yet to discover? This is where the word discomfort comes in and challenges you to go further.

Take less fortunate people all around the world who are in disastrous circumstances. They can only be helped by those who have the means to help them. However, the people who are moved to help them are simply people who are discomforted by seeing people suffer day after day. Their discomfort moves them to help evoke change. Discomfort is one of the biggest causes of change. As I sit here drinking my tea and reflecting on my business and life journey, I think to myself, if I was comfortable in my situation then I might not have been able to ever provide jobs for Canadians as I now can. I might not be able to donate and sponsor sports teams and charities like I do today.

Understanding this, I now hope to encourage others, even those who have experienced some level of success, that regardless of the fortunate opportunities one may have in life, it is the discomfort that urges us to go further and reminds us that contentment never brings about change, something that is much needed in our world today. Many positive influencers understand this philosophy and this is why discomfort is what drives them on a daily basis. It’s a simple theory but if you really consider it, it actually makes a whole lot of sense.
“You never get a new bed until you’re uncomfortable with your old one.”

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Daniel Lewis is the funky- bowtie wearing founder of the modern, award winning tea company T By Daniel Inc. His crazy outlook on business and his Willy Wonka-like retail tactics have garnered him and his company nation wide recognition and many awards and honours. Daniel's success with his retail tea brand have landed him a new exciting title as one of 3 Global Entrepreneurship Week Ambassadors for Canada and also paved the way for him to launch TheMillionearsClub. "How to get the attention of a million ears without being a millionaire!"
After being a victim of a nearly fatal stabbing, (where Daniel was stabbed 5 times) he decided to make the best of his second shot at life by turning a bitter situation into an opportunity to help impact and inspire the lives of others in a special way, using a tea business as the means to do it. This is the motivation behind the tea company and the man, Daniel Lewis.

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  1. An excellent piece Daniel. My regret at this time is that more folk do not feel discomfort at the state of our precious Earth….at the degree of global suffering, conflict, environmental catastrophe…and then remove themselves from their comfort zones prepared to act to do some good. But I guess we are just going to have to be made that much more uncomfortable…Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for reading Michael! You’re absolutely right, when you say that a lot more ‘discomfort’ needs to be happening based on the condition of our world today. I’m very confident that there is a way we can change that eventually… As we change one person at a time, eventually the people who are not too concerned about changing, will soon become uncomfortable themselves. Change is inevitable, but time is unpredictable.

  2. LOVE this, Daniel Lewis. Your story is such an inspiration. You struck a chord for me. I, too, got lulled by comfort… halting with fear… and stymied by ALL that I needed to know and do to make things happen. Different circumstances for each of us … regardless of the specifics, it is so easy – too easy – to drift off or give up or lose our way and snooze away our whole, amazing LIFE. Something inside wouldn’t let me rest, though, no matter how comfortable I got. Thankful for that, and thankful for your inspiration, too. I hope there’s a book on the way… you have much to say, and many more lives to touch. Rock on. Joanna Free

    1. Joanna, thank you so much for reading! I’m THRILLED to hear that you too were able to find a reason to break out of your comfort zone and do amazing things! you’re 100% right when you say “it’s too easy” to drift off or give up… Growing up and especially as I was getting into business, I always heard people telling me “starting your own business is risky” or doing all the crazy things I wanted to do was too risky but to me, spending 100 years on earth never fulfilling the things that actually meant something to me and then leaving this earth.
      NOW THAT’S RISKY! As far as the book … I just finished it and it’s going through the editing phase, I CAN’T WAIT TO PUBLISH IT! Everyday my mission is to help impact people’s lives in a positive way, my book is simply going to be another tool to help! I invite you to stay updated

  3. I completely have to agree with Mr. T!!! (ha…thought that was cute 😉 Daniel, is so very right! At his worst, Daniel was able to dig in the deepest recesses of himself and muster up enough courage to make the leap from “just surviving” to thriving and living life to the fullest! I can totally relate to his story, and I think many of us can! And wow! Daniel congrats on wiring your memoir! It takes a lot of personal strength and resolve to write and share your message. You will impact many and even encourage them to come forward as the brave warriors they are in their own lives! The fact that you believed in yourself and your visions enough to set aside the “naysayers”, will turn out to be the greatest reward you could of ever given yourself! We are creatures of habit, and if we are to be GREAT, then we all need to do GREAT! Daniel’s wisdom in business, life and well.. yes…tea, is what makes Daniel, Daniel! 🙂 I am very much looking forward to reading your book! As well.. coming in for another one of my favourites! Mint Lion Chai! 🙂 lol — I would like to add that we all have a Daniel within us! And once we dig deep, we can be the greatest versions of ourselves we can be! Thank You Daniel for inspiring our fellow Bramptonians with your most colourful and vibrant self!

    1. Thank you for this super encouraging response Bibiana! Thank you so much for reading. I know you have overcome a lot of challenges yourself, I wish you continued success in sharing you story and helping to insure others while doing it 🙂

  4. The power of discomfort is something that we have to continue reflecting on and working towards while traveling on our individual journey. Times are changing and we have to step out of our comfort zone to engage the world around us. Shared this piece with my staff. Well done Daniel 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for embracing this article and sharing it with your team! You’re absolutely right in saying this is an area in life we should be very reflective of and working towards! Thanks for reading!

  5. INCREDIBLE Daniel, THANK GOD for you and your message. I was praying this morning about moving forward with what I am to do but was feeling stuck. Then going through my emails opening “Inspire Me TODAY”, I received the answer to my prayer through your INSPIRING story… THANK YOU! I have begun again now!

    1. I am so thrilled to learn that you have found the extra push you were looking for. We often can benefit by sharing our personal stories, failures and successes with others 🙂 Have an amazing rest of the week!

  6. Your submissions to doubt is unique. As I read your bio I find out that that’s your trademark. It gets peoples attention. It’s a good point you make and I will try to never rest on my laurels, once I get them that is…thanks for sharing

  7. Thank you Mr.T/Daniel for your inspirational story. I would like to know more about how you lifted yourself up. My niece has a podcast and is always looking for inspirational stories! I would love to put you in touch with her? Her name is Lydia Picoli, founder of Re/Self, a holistic platform about becoming a better human through meditation, spiritual practices.
    I hope to hear from you!

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