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Donna Gates has a mission to change the way the world eats. Over the past 25 years, she has become one of the most beloved and respected authorities in the field of digestive health, diet and nutrition, enjoying a worldwide reputation as an expert in candida, adrenal fatigue, autism, autoimmune diseases, weight loss and anti-aging.  As a nutritional consultant, author, and lecturer, she has helped hundreds of thousands of people overcome candidiasis and other immune-system disorders.

Drawing on the best of modern medical science, ancient Chinese medicine, and naturopathy-combined with first-hand experience counseling clients, she created Body Ecology™, her own proven system of health and healing. Gates has also been a key figure in revolutionizing the natural health industry by introducing and popularizing stevia, coconut oil, kefir and probiotic nutrition.

Her groundbreaking book The Body Ecology Diet: Recovering Your Health and Rebuilding Your Immunity has sold nearly a quarter of a million copies and a newly revised edition is now available through Hay House. Donna regularly appears in the media and conducts workshops to educate the public on medicinal foods. In October 2011, Donna released The Baby Boomer Diet (Hay House) focusing on the Body Ecology philosophy for anti-aging and longevity.

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Today’s Brilliance from Donna Gates

Life is not supposed to be easy. We come here to learn to be a kinder, more loving and more courageous soul. Just as we grow from a small infant to an adult, our soul must grow from infancy to maturity as well. Sometimes babies are diagnosed with a medical condition called, "failure to thrive". Too many of us suffer from "soul failure to thrive" simply because we are afraid to fail. But failure is good. If we try and we fail we learn humility, a wonderful quality to master. But failure is a great teacher only if we have…

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Cleansing To Create A New You

By Donna Gates. When we think of detoxification, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is a physical detoxification. In other words, cleaning up our diet. But there is a mental and emotional component that is equally as important. Cleansing is not only your body’s natural way to get rid of waste or toxins, and it occurs daily in some form or another. Tears, urine, mucus, sweat - all are examples of body cleansing that we regard as very normal. Cleansing allows our bodies to restore balance when the imbalance becomes too great and threatens our…

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First Steps to a Better You

By Donna Gates. We all have a tendency to look for shortcuts - easy solutions. We think life will be perfect if we lose 20 pounds, have a face lift, get a better job, find the person of our dreams . . . (fill in the blank). We put too much faith in passing fads that offer unrealistic guarantees—we will feel better, look younger, and have more than what we have right now. While there is no magic elixir that guarantees eternal health, happiness, and youthfulness, there are many important tools that can radically change our entire concept of aging.…

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