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Dr. Cara Barker

With 40 years professional career in the Transformation and Wellness Industry, where there has been tremendous demand for her contribution in industry, corporate America, education, healthcare, and prisons, Cara has authored a number of works including World Weary Woman: Her Wound and Transformation (Inner City), Grieving the Loss of a Child; Reclaiming Your Feminine Authority; Healing Your Body (Sounds True), and more.

With a long track record in transformational settings, Barker headed the Advanced Training Department for Lifespring, and has been a lead contributor in other transformational companies as well, here and cross-culturally. More impressive than even this, however, is the fact that she ‘walks the walk' when it comes to transforming loss, such as that of her only son. Barker's paintings and prose have been featured in The Artist As Poet, as well as in shows in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Baltimore, and Bellevue, Tapei and Toyko.

She maintains a private practice in Bellevue, Wa., as well as public practice here and abroad, and resides in Kirkland, Washington. She is a member of I.W.W.G., I.A.A.P., P.S.N.J.A., A.N.A., I.E.A.T.A., as well as other professional organizations.

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Finding Your Own Way

As I write this, it is nearly October, harvest time. Driving down the lane, through the woods this morning, signs were everywhere. The leaves, drenched in russet, gold, and autumn shades of green. Three deer paused in the act of eating breakfast from a neighbor's garden. Their brown, velvety coats, simply beautiful. Mother Nature has designed magnificent creatures. And then, I thought of you, and began to wonder just what might be useful for me to share with you, at this particular time in your life. You and I have seen the news. Isn't it funny how obsessed we can…

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