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Dr. Karen Lee Paquette, ND, BSPT, FLT(HP), CCC is a Naturopathic Doctor, Physical Therapist, First Line Therapist, and Health/Wellness Coach who has who has dedicated her life to learning, teaching, and practicing the principles of healthy living.

As a former Associate Professor, Curriculum Consultant, and Clinical Supervisor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge with fellow practitioners who support their patients to live healthier lifestyles.

In addition to her practice Karen authored Stop Being Stopped: The GO Doctor’s Guide to Unleashing the Healthier, Sexier You!, to help people overcome what’s stopping so they can easily and effortlessly achieve their health dreams.

Recent Releases

Karen Lee Paquette

11 Tips for Healthy Living

Imagine a world where people treat themselves, others, and the planet like we treat our newborn babies... We give them limitless unconditional love, strive to predict and exceed their every need, care for, protect, and support them to create a bright, beautiful, successful, and joyous future.... What we are doing, in a nutshell, is simply nurturing our baby's health. My definition of health includes our physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual health. Whether it be meeting physical needs such as feeding, or mental/emotional needs such as soothing them when they cry, or surrounding them with people who love them or ensuring that…

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