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Elinor Stutz

Against all odds in a male dominated office, Elinor Stutz became a top producer by her 4th month in corporate sales earning a high profile client roster.   She established Smooth Sale, LLC teaching entrepreneurs, network marketers and salespeople how to relationship sell in order to grow a dynamic business.

Smooth Sale methodology offers a holistic approach to business including sales and entrepreneurial skills, plus marketing strategies elevating you to expert status.  Smooth Sale delivers training, coaching, licensing and  a full product line.  Elinor's first book, Nice Girls DO Get The Sale, was featured in TIME Magazine, translated into multiple languages and sells worldwide.

Elinor’s joy is helping others succeed.


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The Power of Confident Belief

Believe in yourself. To be successful in your personal and business life, you must display confidence for others to also believe in you. When you are uncertain about performing well, seek expert help to get you past your fear and uncertainty. Help may come in many forms including self-help, reading materials, taking a class and hiring a coach. Once you do take advantage of the expertise of others, you will possess the knowledge you sought and become more confident than ever before. For instance, early in my sales career, I would become a nervous wreck in anticipation of meeting with…

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