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Dr. Enaka Yembe is a Physician, and the founder of American Stat-Care centers who was able to open first her clinic from her sick bed in 2006 and grow it to a 7-figure company in 18 months. She is a national and international speaker, coach and mentor and has been seen on Fox 14 TV and NBC TV.

Dr. Yembe states “My passion is to help and inspire all individuals to reach their highest level of success using effective and proven strategies from my personal experiences, and that I've outlined in my #1 bestselling book, Grow to Success. I bring forth awareness of the GOD GIVEN ability we were all born with to be successful.

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5 Steps to Take Action

Take Action! So many of us wait for things to be perfectly aligned before we take action. I’m not talking about following a specific timeline that gives you the necessary steps to reach your goal. I’m referring to those who wait for things to be aligned just right before they make a move. We wait for the perfect time to get married. The perfect time to own a home. The right time to have children. The right time to start a business. The right time to take a family vacation. The right time to make a business decision. The right…

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