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Take Action! So many of us wait for things to be perfectly aligned before we take action. I’m not talking about following a specific timeline that gives you the necessary steps to reach your goal. I’m referring to those who wait for things to be aligned just right before they make a move. We wait for the perfect time to get married. The perfect time to own a home. The right time to have children. The right time to start a business. The right time to take a family vacation. The right time to make a business decision. The right time to visit old friends. Even the right time to apologize. And the list can become endless. Now we don’t need to be reckless and jump head first into things without a careful plan, but sometimes we just need to take the bull by its horns and move foreword.

Some people miss out on reaching their full potential because they just never go for it. They prepare, they plan, plan, plan and wait for the magic moment to come when the stars are aligned just right. They are overly cautious. As you and I know, life is short and nothing will ever be perfect. If we continue to wait to take action, we may end up going to our graves without leaving “our mark”.

Taking action requires careful evaluation, determination and courage. Here are five tips that helped me take action. I hope they help you.

1. Have faith in your abilities. Each of us was born with the God-given ability to be successful. Hold fast to this thought, especially during moments of indecision.

2. Face your fears. What’s holding you back? Examine your fears closely and work on overcoming them. Is the fear rational, in reaction to real danger? Or, is it based on emotion?

3. Step out of your comfort zone. Stretching ourselves a little takes courage and requires us to take action. Stepping our of our comfort zone will give us new confidence and hence the courage to reach new heights.

4. Accept failure. Failure will come. It’s a part of life. Use your failures as stepping-stones to success. Learn from failures and move on. Don’t wait to take action because of the fear of failure.

5. Be independent. Learn to stand on your own and have confidence in the decisions that you make. Avoid relying on the support or approval of those around who will prevent you from taking action.

In reality, there is no perfect time. Nothing will ever be perfect, so don’t wait for perfection before taking action. It’s good to think, research, plan, but then take action.

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Dr. Enaka Yembe is a Physician, and the founder of American Stat-Care centers who was able to open first her clinic from her sick bed in 2006 and grow it to a 7-figure company in 18 months. She is a national and international speaker, coach and mentor and has been seen on Fox 14 TV and NBC TV.

Dr. Yembe states “My passion is to help and inspire all individuals to reach their highest level of success using effective and proven strategies from my personal experiences, and that I've outlined in my #1 bestselling book, Grow to Success. I bring forth awareness of the GOD GIVEN ability we were all born with to be successful.

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  1. Dr Enaka, thank you for sharing your thoughts; indeed they are so inspiring, so concise and precise! At times we just need to hear this in order to get out of our comfort zones. And indeed perfection is not of this world!

  2. Thank you again Dr. Yembe, you always share things that will motivate and encourage us in all aspects of our lives. Keep up the great work and be encouraged as well. May the Lord continue to fill your cup and replenish you Spirit, Soul and Body.

  3. Thank you Dr Yembe! Your writings have a very positive influence on me and on many other people. You are a wonderful change agent; keep it up!

  4. Dr , You sabi buk and gett sense for helep plenty pipol even oyibo wey dem check say we na ninga pipol…Got dey for ya pikin.Papa ,mami pikin and grand pikin sense and blessing Ya docta papa de luk yu wit da ye spektale dem from HEAVEN…

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