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Live your life in such a manner that it makes yesterday jealous. Always seeking, always hungry, always yearning for greatness. Attach a purpose to all that you do, understanding that it is on purpose that you are here. Never take for granted this purpose, by remaining forever grateful.

Love yourself more tomorrow than you did today. Always strive to show yourself more love than you give others, yet never forsaking the importance of paying it forward. This will create around you a circle of love that will grow not only yourself, but also everyone that you encounter. Never underestimate the power in this.

Never give life to the thought that it is ever acceptable to stop learning or to stop teaching. Inside of you is a message of great urgency and importance that needs to be shared with the world. Inside you also lies an innate desire to be taught. We all have something to teach, and even more that we can learn. Each time you encounter someone new on your journey, ask yourself how you can add value to this person’s life, and what can you learn from this person.

Embrace the moments in life when you encounter an adversity so great that it makes you question your own intent. These questions will build your character. Pull into these moments the glories of your past victories to use as strength to answer these questions with a boldness that gives way to greatness.

Find that special place in yourself, where pain and comfort collide, and live in that place. For that is the place where the magic happens, where dreams are made into reality, and where you find out who you really are. It is ingrained in us all at a young age to avoid pain and discomfort . To steer away from that which is hard, trying, or painful. Yet as we grow older we learn through our own personal trials of victory and defeat that it takes these moments of pain and discomfort to truly grow us and shape us into who we are destined to become. Between comfort and pain lies a glorious reality that many never get the joy of experiencing. A reality that says you are more than you have ever given yourself credit for. A reality that says your voice can and will be heard. A reality that says you can and will push past all of your self inflicted limitations and achieve so much more than you have ever believed was possible.

Understand that your legacy is the only gift that you can give others once you are gone. Build a legacy that you would be proud to inherit. Treat it like a special gift that you are able to add value to and enrich daily, waiting for that moment when it’s finally ready to be revealed to the world.

Love with purpose, share with passion, and enjoy the beauty in all you have created, giving thanks for all that was created for you!

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Dan Stotridge is a motivational speaker, writer, and life-coach. After the tragic loss of all his grandparents, all siblings, both parents, and the murder of his best friend, Dan had a choice to make. Would he succumb to negative, fearful thinking or could he find a way to use this tragedy as fuel for his journey?

After years of battling anxiety and depression Dan has not only healed himself, but has also used his story to help others in their journey as well. Dan has created a program called "Dying to Live" that he uses to motivate, teach, and inspire others to stop just "Living to die", and start "Dying to Live". Dan's work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and various other media outlets.

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  1. Thank you Dan for such a powerful message. I suffered a stroke in 2011, which obviously turned my life upside down. But I am like you in seeing the “gift” in my predicament, for what I have learned about life. Life is much more precious and not to be taken lightly, which I feel so many of us do until something monumental happens. It is so important to live each day gloriously, treasuring every moment, since we really don’t know what will happen from one minute to the next. I certainly didn’t ever dream that I would have a stroke. 🙂 But as I see it, it was my karma to teach me the lessons that I needed to learn to become a “whole” person, to become who I really am and to find my purpose on Earth. If you are interested, visit my website at to read about my book I wrote and published in 2013. Thanks again!

  2. Wow, I had a stroke in 2009, but I dont know how many times I have died inside, I am truly inspired, Thank you Dan

  3. Thank you Dan for sharing your wisdom on how to live a life worth living.Suffering through many, many deaths in my family at a young age left me with an imprint that made me challenge everything I was taught. That caused me to go on a life long journey of discovery and a career path of helping others overcome their speaking and language problems.
    I hope one day planet earth does not have to experience the pain of physically losing people we love and that no one leaves this planet unless they truly desire to and even then they can come back and visit whenever they want ………. in physicality.

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