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Gina holds a deep passion in guiding others through their fears towards change and inspiration.

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She has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of metaphysics, personal development and intuitive development for the last 16 years.

Her aim and passion in life is to help others find their truth by understanding that they always possess Self Love within them and do not need to go looking for it outside of themselves. She wants to teach others how to access emotional empowerment by self understanding, how to release deep emotional blockages and to create self confidence and awareness.

She believes that in finding one’s own truth, there often has to be a shift in emotions, perceptions, beliefs… in order to shed the block that was covering the truth of the soul!

For a limited time she is offering One Week of FREE Healing to release Love Blockages. They can be claimed at

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What Matters Most In Life….

The most important piece of wisdom I wish to share with humanity is that on the grand scheme of things, what matters is how you treat one another, beginning with yourself. How you treat yourself gives others permission to treat you the same way, for we are all each other's mirrors. If it weren't for our outer mirrors, then we might not see ourselves as clearly when times are tough. Our quality of life could become more worthy and meaningful if we all practiced compassion. Compassion begins at home. You need to be gentle with yourself, reward yourself when due,…

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