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The most important piece of wisdom I wish to share with humanity is that on the grand scheme of things, what matters is how you treat one another, beginning with yourself.

How you treat yourself gives others permission to treat you the same way, for we are all each other’s mirrors. If it weren’t for our outer mirrors, then we might not see ourselves as clearly when times are tough.

Our quality of life could become more worthy and meaningful if we all practiced compassion.

Compassion begins at home. You need to be gentle with yourself, reward yourself when due, show others the same graciousness, and extend compassion outward to whomever you come across. For compassion opens the heart, and when the heart is open, more will flow to you.

And when more flows to you, a sense of gratitude just comes naturally. Gratitude of knowing that you are in the right place, learning the right lessons, connecting with those around you who are teaching you and lighting your way, as you light their way. For we are each a beacon to each other. When one sits in the darkness, along comes another with a candle and lights the burnt out flame.

That is what humanity needs to share: kindness and understanding. And kindness begins at home, within you. For if you do not let love within yourself, how will others know how to love you?

For without kindness and understanding, our hearts would close. And our fears would increase. And when our fears increase and we are unwilling to look deeply into their intensity, we shy away from become the enlightened beacon of light that we truly are:

One who shines a light on the other many souls who sit in the dark. One who speaks their truth freely and with an open heart. One who is not afraid to venture out into the path unknown if it means self growth, self nurturing and following an inner passion that burns brightly.

All of us need to embrace who we truly are and stop living in fear. For when you allow your fear to feed you, you let the lion beat you. The lion is only in your subconscious imagination.

True, it exists and it was borne out of some circumstance or upbringing, but it is there to teach you how to be gracious, speak your truth and to show compassion towards yourself and other fellow humanitarians. For we are all humanitarians at heart. We all have a hand that we can give in times of need. We all have a hand that we can hold when our own time comes.

Life is love, and that love burns brightly within you. Show yourself some love today, by seeing what light you already hold. Be brilliant! Shine! And extend that honour to others who cannot see how brilliant and vibrant they already are! Remind them, as they will remind you. For that is what we are here for. To show each other the way!

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Gina holds a deep passion in guiding others through their fears towards change and inspiration.

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She has been studying, practising and teaching on the subject of metaphysics, personal development and intuitive development for the last 16 years.

Her aim and passion in life is to help others find their truth by understanding that they always possess Self Love within them and do not need to go looking for it outside of themselves. She wants to teach others how to access emotional empowerment by self understanding, how to release deep emotional blockages and to create self confidence and awareness.

She believes that in finding one’s own truth, there often has to be a shift in emotions, perceptions, beliefs… in order to shed the block that was covering the truth of the soul!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this gentle reminder. I find that this is the sort of place from which I always start, though, and end up contaminated by the negativity of others – it’s a difficult thing to keep in mind when that happens.

  2. Dear M,

    You’re welcome. Our reminders are all around us and ever present in our life. We just need to pay attention to them, for everything is a lesson as you know. As long as you stay true to yourself and honour yourself, moving on from negative people won’t be so difficult. Start by saying no to what does not align with you. Practice self love, every day. You deserve it! 🙂

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