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You are stronger than you think. Life sometimes throws you a test. Throw it back. Dig deep into your soul and use the resilience you have learned over the years to get where you are going.

Journeys take steps. Action is required to see results. The road may be hard at times, but if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other, you will reach checkpoints along the way that will allow you to see how far you have come and give you the strength to continue the next leg of the journey.

Listen to the whispers. Your body and soul know what it wants and needs. Listen to the whispers. They come at the strangest times but almost always the quietest times. Follow them. Trust them. Love them and thank them for guiding you.

Give to yourself first. Rid yourself of the idea that you have to please and give to others first. If your tank is empty from giving to them, you will have nothing left. Fill your tank with love for you so you have more to give others.

Accept others the way they are. When we live in a world that is constantly pushing us away from who we authentically are, it is easy to judge others, yet we do not want to be judged. Free yourself from the cycle of you judging them and them judging you by creating and giving space to those in your world to just be who they truly are; in return you will get the same.

Live in a gossip and drama free zone. The intention of negative gossip is to tear apart the individual being gossiped about. Drama takes an incredible amount of energy to participate in and listen to. Declare all of your spaces – including your mind – drama and gossip free, and bask in all the energy you are saving for positive, loving and productive activities.

Get control of the negative voice in your head. We all have that voice in our head who has had years of practice holding us back. Get control of it. Do not allow it to take over. When it begins, tell it “not today, I am not listening” and push forth in your dreams, for if you listen to it, you will be forever held back.

Inspire others. Do the things you love to do and do them well. You will naturally inspire others and in turn will find yourself surrounded by inspiring individuals.

This is the only life you have on this earth: make it count. It doesn’t matter where you have been; each and every day is a new day, an opportunity to rewrite your story. Make each day count for yourself for it may be your last. Spend your days living on your own terms, with those you love, in the spaces you appreciate.

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Shelley Streit is a passionate speaker, author and mentor whose mission is to inspire and empower individuals to be resilient and turn obstacles into opportunities; to face adversity with optimism. Known for her sincerity and candid, but non-judgmental style, Shelley has helped thousands from all walks of life to live each day to its fullest potential by giving them tools to build their resiliency and step into their own strength. Experience drawn from a difficult life as a youth taught her the value of learning, making tough but intelligent choices, and hard work.

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