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Life is a conversation with yourself. The most dangerous thing you can possibly do is ignore or silence your inner voice. Most of our so-called villains are simply people who do not hear what they are saying to themselves.

We’ve learned to drown ourselves out by numbing our emotions, forming addictions, and seeking gurus with cookie cutter, magical solutions.

To live the life you deserve, you must get to know who you really are. After all, you cannot nourish or care for anything unless you first know what it is.

Most of us have no idea how powerful, capable, and connected we are.

Every person who remembers, changes the world.

We’re surrounded, in modern society, by messages of our own inadequacy. These messages aren’t there simply to be cruel. They are there to sell us products. When we feel inadequate, we are ready to buy something to make us adequate.

And so, we search for healing and happiness as if they live outside of us. In the meantime, we are desperately trying to call for our own attention. Every headache, every pang of annoyance, and every craving is a message. We are desperately trying to tell ourselves something.

And yet, we only listen to people that we love and we ignore people that we don’t trust. The thing that matters in life more than anything else is learning to trust your voice and love yourself unconditionally.

Most people these days are sitting in cages. The doors to these cages are wide open. And yet, they dare not leave. After all, there is food in the cage. There is certainty.

Certainty, I’ve found, is an addiction. It’s an illusion. It’s a lie. The only way to be completely secure, safe, and certain is to live in enclosed, repetitive cycles. It is to stay in the cage and run on the wheel.

You can’t become addicted to what’s good for you. No one goes to rehab over oxygen, water, or broccoli. You can only become addicted to cheap replacements. And certainty is a cheap replacement for self-love. No amount of control will ever be enough.

It’s not an accident that our society is full of control-hungry perfectionists. We are so incredibly intelligent. This intelligence may help us do math, build airplanes, and get to the moon, but it won’t help us mend a broken heart, stand in the face of fear, or heal from trauma.

We have enough intelligence. Now, to keep it in check, we need wisdom. We need truth. We need love.

If all we know how to do is measure and judge ourselves, we’ll never know courage. We’ll never know true, universal love. We’ll never know ourselves.

If you want to make the world a better place, first give yourself what the world needs most. Listen to yourself, nurture yourself, and discover yourself with the same passionate curiosity you would explore a lover.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally. It is the greatest gift you can give to the world.

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Vironika Tugaleva is an inspirational speaker, life coach, founder of The Real Us, and author of the award-winning bestseller The Love Mindset

Vironika helps people cultivate self-love, heal mental and emotional suffering, develop healthy self-care habits, build deeper relationships with others, and unleash their inner potential to change the world. You’re invited to read more about Vironika  and get a free sneak preview of The Love Mindset.




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  1. I am in love with this post. We are too quick to ignore the inner voice, it’s easier to seek outside. But eventually we figure out that all the wisdom is inside.

  2. So true … what the world needs most is each of us living no holding back, full out as ourselves. Excellence is not the same thing as perfection perfection and we will rise to the challenges we are presented. We just need to show up – all of us. Thanks for leading the way Vironika.

  3. Vironika has done it again! Somehow this remarkable woman finds a way to speak directly and with a fresh approach to some of the most important universal issues, those which affect us as individuals at the core. Her words reflect the truth that is inside our hearts, which rarely discussed with such openness and yet is so vital to our ability to thrive. I highly recommend listening further and allowing Vironka’s voice to help you in finding yours.

    1. You make me smile, Josie. You are right – I speak to a part inside all of us, a part that already knows all of this. Listening to me is just listening to yourself. I am grateful for your openness.

  4. Ok but how we can discover ourself?????????It’s not easy for evryone!!! I find that yoga can help. Do yoga and you will feal great and you will know who you are. It is not just easy to say: you are love until you experienced it! Namaste

    1. Yes, Irena, it can be something quite different for everyone. Truly, we discover ourselves and our own way to discover ourselves if we search. All we need is to ask the question, and the answers will come 🙂

  5. “The Purpose of Life . . .” article is a MUST read and a starting point from which to open up and commence an inner journey. My experience, as a corporate consultant is that most people never do. I’m still baffled by the answers to my question (generally to the most senior executives), “Do you talk to yourself?” Unfortunately, listening and hearing oneself is still not enough. As Veronica says. “discover yourself with the same passionate curiosity you would explore a lover,” is the key. The transformation from not REALLY knowing yourself to knowing, and fully appreciating, warts and all, is the challenge.
    I can’t wait to read “The Love Mindset.”

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