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Vironika Tugaleva is an inspirational speaker, life coach, founder of The Real Us, and author of the award-winning bestseller The Love Mindset

Vironika helps people cultivate self-love, heal mental and emotional suffering, develop healthy self-care habits, build deeper relationships with others, and unleash their inner potential to change the world. You’re invited to read more about Vironika  and get a free sneak preview of The Love Mindset.




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Recent Releases

The Purpose of Life and How to Change the World

Life is a conversation with yourself. The most dangerous thing you can possibly do is ignore or silence your inner voice. Most of our so-called villains are simply people who do not hear what they are saying to themselves. We’ve learned to drown ourselves out by numbing our emotions, forming addictions, and seeking gurus with cookie cutter, magical solutions. To live the life you deserve, you must get to know who you really are. After all, you cannot nourish or care for anything unless you first know what it is. Most of us have no idea how powerful, capable, and…

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